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News and Media

Further Information
 denotes AusCERT member only content. AusCERT Organisational Update - AusCERT wishes to advise its Members and the wider information security community that General Manager, Graham Ingram, has departed AusCERT. (25/07/2014)

AusCERT Security on the Move, March 2013 - AusCERT will host Security on the Move in Melbourne, Thursday 14 March 2013. Ticket Price: Just $99 (including GST). You can't afford not to be there! (16/01/2013)

AusCERT response to the Australian government's procurement proposal released under FOI legislation - Statement by AusCERT General Manager Graham Ingram in response to the Australian government procurement proposal released under FOI legislation and referenced by SC Magazine. (10/12/2012)

Planned scheduled outage of AusCERT systems - On Saturday, 30 June 2012, AusCERT systems are undergoing scheduled maintenance. We are planning an outage of a number of hours during this time. (19/06/2012)

Winner AusCERT2013 registration - We have a winner! Up for grabs was a complimentary AusCERT2013 registration, not including tutorials. (12/06/2012)

OWASP Appsec Asia in Sydney - OWASP Appsec Asia in Sydney, 11th-14th April, 2012. AusCERT Members registering will receive a $50 discount on the registration fee. (28/03/2012)

Security on the Move - Spotlight On Melbourne - The latest AusCERT and SC Magazine "Security on the Move" event will be held in Melbourne on Thursday, March 8 (16/02/2012)

Global CyberLympics - Global CyberLympics: Unifying Global Cyber Defense through the Games (20/10/2011)

The Government has released a public discussion paper as part of the Cyber White Paper - The Government has released a public discussion paper as part of the development of the Cyber White Paper, which invites submissions on a range of issues regarding the importance of cyberspace to Australia’s social well-being, economic prosperity and broader national interests. (19/10/2011)

AusCERT is the winner of the auDA Australia and New Zealand Internet Best Practice Award - (15/09/2010)

Compromised Account Details and Logging FAQ - An overview of how the malware logging process works and the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. (16/08/2010)

Australian government announces new national CERT arrangements for Australia on budget night - (23/11/2009)

AustralianIT: System needed to warn websites of security threats - (04/11/2009)

OWASP Australia Application Security Conference 2009 - AusCERT supports the efforts of OWASP, who have kindly offered a discount to AusCERT members for the upcoming conference. (22/01/2009)

Counter e-Crime Operations Summit 2008 - The Anti-Phishing Working Group is hosting a "Counter e-Crime Operations Summit 2008" in Tokyo in May 2008. (07/02/2008)

Computer Security Day 2007 - Computer Security Day is an international event to raise the awareness of computer security issues. AusCERT, AISA and ISI (QUT) are hosting an event in Brisbane on the 30 November 2007. (29/11/2007)

20th Annual FIRST Conference - Vancouver 2008 First Conference call for papers and tutorials. (26/09/2007)

.auDA 2007 Names Policy Panel Submission - The .auDA Names Policy Panel has released an Issues Paper, May 2007 which sets out the current situation and invites comment on suggestions and options for change. AusCERT has made reviewed this paper and made a public submission. (18/06/2007)

ZDNet Australia AusCERT2007 coverage - ZDNet Australia coverage of some of the highlights of the AusCERT2007 conference. (01/06/2007)

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Code of Conduct Review - ASIC is reviewing the terms of the EFT Code of Conduct. AusCERT has made a submission about some aspects of the code and proposals raised in ASIC's discussion paper on the EFT Code of Conduct Review. (01/05/2007)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the "Prime Minister heart attack" Trojan - This article attempts to answer some of the frequently asked questions of AusCERT regarding the "Prime Minister heart attack" Trojan. (22/02/2007)

"Prime Minister" trojans responsible for infecting Australians' computers - A series of "Prime Minister " spam emails has lead to the infection of about 1,000 computers in Australia jeopardising the confidentiality and integrity of all personal data and passwords contained on entered on those computers. (20/02/2007)

AusCERT now hiring Computer Security Analysts - This is an excellent opportunity to work for Australia’s internationally recognised national CERT - AusCERT. (08/02/2007)

APCERT Media Release - AusCERT participates in APCERT international cyber security drill (21/12/2006)

AusCERT submission to the Review of the structure and operation of the .au Internet domain 2006 - How the domain name space is administered affects the ability of attackers to launch attacks against Internet users. Therefore, AusCERT recommends that policies and procedures be adopted to minimise the misue of the domain name registration and deregistration process to facilitate various forms of cybercrime. (28/11/2006)

Computer Security Day 2006 - Computer Security Day is an international event to raise the awareness of computer security issues. AusCERT, AISA and ISI (QUT) are hosting an event in Brisbane on the 27 November 2006. (26/11/2006)

Call for papers for the 2007 FIRST conference - The call for papers for the 2007 FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) 19th Annual Conference is now open. The FIRST program committee solicits original contributions for this conference, which are broadly based on the theme of 'Digital Privacy'. (21/09/2006)

Media Release - Response to recent media coverage of the A-311 Death (aka: Haxdoor) trojan - In recent days there has been a significant amount of media attention regarding the A-311 Death Trojan (also known as Haxdoor). On Wednesday 2 August 2006 the Australian Taxation Office released a statement regarding virus infections which had captured tax file numbers. This media release attempts to clarify a number of points regarding AusCERT's handling of this incident. (04/08/2006)

AusCERT Submission to the e-Security National Agenda Review - As noted in the Review of the E-Security National Agenda Discussion Paper, the Internet threat landscape has changed fundamentally since 2001 when the e-Security National Agenda framework was first released. Based on this fundamental change, this review provides an opportunity for the Australian government to consider implementing a range of practical strategies that will help reduce the level of Internet based attacks emanating from or targeting Australian networks, particularly those motivated by illicit financial gain. (08/06/2006)

2006 Australian Computer Crime and Security Survey - The survey provides the most up to date and authoritative analysis of computer network attack and computer misuse trends in Australia for 2006. The survey aims to raise awareness of the complex nature of computer security issues, identify areas of concern and, where appropriate, to motivate organisations to take a more active role in protecting their systems. (22/05/2006)

AusCERT Submission to the Review of the Spam Act 2003 - The Australian Communication and Media Authority invited submissions from the public concerning the Spam Act 2003. AusCERT's submission to this review is here. (11/04/2006)

Media Release - APCERT Drill Closes Worldwide Botnet - The Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT) today completed its second annual drill to test the timeliness and response capability of many of its member computer security incident response teams (CSIRT) teams. (21/12/2005)

Computer Security Day 2005 - Computer Security Day is an international event to raise the awareness of computer security issues. AusCERT, along with ISI and ISIG will be arranging an event in Brisbane on the 30th November, 2005 to mark Computer Security Day this year. (11/11/2005)

Media Release - Launch of the Australian Internet Security Initiative (ISI) - The launch of the Australian Internet Security Initiative (ISI) by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) was welcomed by Australia’s national computer emergency response team, AusCERT. AusCERT general manager, Graham Ingram said that the trial ISI program launched yesterday (November 7) by Federal Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan would help close down “compromised” or “zombie” computers in Australia. (08/11/2005)

The e-Commerce Safety Guide by eBay - AusCERT has also contributed to an eBay publication which provides practical assistance for consumers who engage in online financial transactions. (17/05/2005)

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