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Site Help

Please see below for items that may be of assistance in helping you use this site.

AusCERT will enhance site help based on member feedback about the site.

Further Information
Choosing good passwords - Choosing a good password is a trade off between something that is difficult to guess versus something that is easy to remember. This article provides some simple rules of thumb on choosing good passwords (and good password policies). (21/01/2009)

AusCERT RSS feeds of Security Bulletins and Blogs - This page discusses RSS bulletin feeds available from AusCERT and describes how to set them up. (19/05/2005)

I am a member but don't have an account - Each AusCERT member organisation has a primary contact, it is through this person that accounts to access the member only content on the AusCERT site is granted. (10/09/2002)

Forgot your password? - Instructions if you have forgotten your password. (04/09/2002)

Search Help - Help using the search facility (15/05/2002)

Copyright - Copyright Statement (30/09/2002)

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