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31 December 1996

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              AUSCERT External Security Bulletin Redistribution

           ESB-97.001 -- Hewlett Packard Advisory on direct audio
                               1 January 1997


Hewlett Packard has released the following security bulletin concerning
a vulnerability which may allow a denial of service attack against machines
running HP-UX 10.10 and 10.20.  This vulnerability requires local user
access and may cause system panics.

AUSCERT advises that all sites apply the appropriate fixes or workarounds
described in the advisory as soon as possible.

If you believe that your system has been compromised, contact AUSCERT or your
representative in FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams).

Internet Email: auscert@auscert.org.au
Facsimile:      (07) 3365 4477
Telephone:      (07) 3365 4417 (International: +61 7 3365 4417)
	AUSCERT personnel answer during Queensland business hours
	which are GMT+10:00 (AEST).
	On call after hours for emergencies.

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Digest Name: security_info
Description: Daily Security Bulletins Digest
Created:     Tue Dec 24 03:00:01 1996 PST

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Summary of 'Daily Security Bulletins Digest' documents
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HPSBUX9612-043 Vulnerability with direct audio user space code
Detailed list of 'Daily Security Bulletins Digest' documents
Document Id: [HPSBUX9612-043]
Date Loaded: [12-24-96]

Description: Vulnerability with direct audio user space code

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The information in the following Security Bulletin should be acted upon
as soon as possible.  Hewlett Packard will not be liable for any
consequences to any customer resulting from customer's failure to fully
implement instructions in this Security Bulletin as soon as possible.

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PROBLEM: Vulnerability with direct audio user space code causes panics

PLATFORM: HP 9000 s700 systems only, running HP-UX version 10.10 or 10.20

DAMAGE: Vulnerability makes it possible for an logged-on user to cause a
        Denial of Service (DoS).

SOLUTION: Apply patch PHKL_9579 (HP-UX 10.10), or
                      PHKL_9580 (HP-UX 10.20).

AVAILABILITY: All patches are available now.

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   A. Background

   A recent mailing list entry described a freeware direct audio
   application that can panic the system.  Currently all audio
   applications shipped by HP use "Aserver", which will not exhibit this
   problem.  The operating system panic occurs only on HP-UX releases
   10.10 and 10.20.  The necessary audio hardware may be found on all
   s700 machines except HP9000 s705, s710 and s74x, which are immune.
   Any machine with CD quality audio hardware will exhibit the problem.

   B. Fixing the problem

   This vulnerability can only be eliminated from HP-UX releases 10.10 and
   10.20 by applying the appropriate patch listed above.

   C. Impact of the patch

   The patches patch the kernel library module /usr/conf/lib/libhp-ux.a
   (audio.o) to fix the vulnerability.  There are no known side effects.
   Installation instructions are contained within the patches.

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