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             AUSCERT External Security Bulletin Redistribution

                         ESB-2009.0074 -- [RedHat]
Important: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 kernel security and bug fix update
                              21 January 2009


        AusCERT Security Bulletin Summary

Product:              kernel
Publisher:            Red Hat
Operating System:     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Impact:               Increased Privileges
                      Denial of Service
Access:               Existing Account
CVE Names:            CVE-2008-5182 CVE-2008-5079 CVE-2008-5029

Ref:                  ESB-2009.0049

Original Bulletin:    https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2009-0225.html

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                   Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis:          Important: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 kernel security and bug fix update
Advisory ID:       RHSA-2009:0225-02
Product:           Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Advisory URL:      https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2009-0225.html
Issue date:        2009-01-20
Keywords:          kernel update
CVE Names:         CVE-2008-5029 CVE-2008-5079 CVE-2008-5182 

1. Summary:

Updated kernel packages that fix three security issues, address several
hundred bugs and add numerous enhancements are now available as part of the
ongoing support and maintenance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5. This
is the third regular update.

This update has been rated as having important security impact by the Red
Hat Security Response Team.

2. Relevant releases/architectures:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 5 client) - i386, noarch, x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 server) - i386, ia64, noarch, ppc, s390x, x86_64

3. Description:

The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)

These updated packages contain 730 bug fixes and enhancements for the Linux
kernel. Space precludes a detailed description of each of these changes in
this advisory and users are therefore directed to the release notes for Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 for information on 97 of the most significant of
these changes. 

Details of three security-related bug fixes are set out below, along with
notes on other broad categories of change not covered in the release notes.
For more detailed information on specific bug fixes or enhancements, please
consult the Bugzilla numbers listed in this advisory.

* when fput() was called to close a socket, the __scm_destroy() function  
in the Linux kernel could make indirect recursive calls to itself. This  
could, potentially, lead to a denial of service issue. (CVE-2008-5029,  

* a flaw was found in the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) subsystem. A
local, unprivileged user could use the flaw to listen on the same socket
more than once, possibly causing a denial of service. (CVE-2008-5079,

* a race condition was found in the Linux kernel "inotify" watch removal
and umount implementation. This could allow a local, unprivileged user  
to cause a privilege escalation or a denial of service. (CVE-2008-5182,  

* Bug fixes and enhancements are provided for:

* support for specific NICs, including products from the following

* Fiber Channel support, including support for Qlogic qla2xxx,
qla4xxx, and qla84xx HBAs and the FCoE, FCP, and zFCP protocols.

* support for various CPUs, including:
AMD Opteron processors with 45 nm SOI ("Shanghai")
AMD Turion Ultra processors
Cell processors
Intel Core i7 processors

* Xen support, including issues specific to the IA64 platform, systems
using AMD processors, and Dell Optiplex GX280 systems

* ext3, ext4, GFS2, NFS, and SPUFS

* Infiniband (including eHCA, eHEA, and IPoIB) support

* common I/O (CIO), direct I/O (DIO), and queued direct I/O (qdio) support

* the kernel distributed lock manager (DLM)

* hardware issues with: SCSI, IEEE 1394 (FireWire), RAID (including issues
specific to Adaptec controllers), SATA (including NCQ), PCI, audio, serial
connections, tape-drives, and USB

* ACPI, some of a general nature and some related to specific hardware
including: certain Lenovo Thinkpad notebooks, HP DC7700 systems, and
certain machines based on Intel Centrino processor technology.

* CIFS, including Kerberos support and a tech-preview of DFS support

* networking support, including IPv6, PPPoE, and IPSec

* support for Intel chipsets, including:
Intel Cantiga chipsets
Intel Eagle Lake chipsets
Intel i915 chipsets
Intel i965 chipsets
Intel Ibex Peak chipsets
Intel chipsets offering QuickPath Interconnects (QPI)

* device mapping issues, including some in device mapper itself

* various issues specific to IA64 and PPC

* CCISS, including support for Compaq SMART Array controllers P711m and
P712m and other new hardware

* various issues affecting specific HP systems, including:

* IOMMU support, including specific
issues with AMD and IBM Calgary hardware

* the audit subsystem

* DASD support

* iSCSI support, including issues specific to Chelsio T3 adapters

* LVM issues

* SCTP management information base (MIB) support

* issues with: autofs, kdump, kobject_add, libata, lpar, ptrace, and utrace

* platforms using Intel Enhanced Error Handling (EEH)

* EDAC issues for AMD K8 and Intel i5000

* ALSA, including support for new hardware

* futex support

* hugepage support

* Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) support

* issues affecting NEC/Stratus servers

* OFED support

* SELinux 

* various Virtio issues

All users are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve
these issues and add these enhancements.

4. Solution:

Before applying this update, make sure that all previously-released
errata relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via Red Hat Network. Details on how to use
the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

5. Bugs fixed (http://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

228836 - acpi processor  module displays errors if hyperthreading disabled
231369 - GFS2 will panic if you misspell any mount options
236750 - When bonding is used and IPV6 is enabled the message of 'kernel: bond0: duplicate address detected!' is output
239604 - [RHEL5] console: kobject_add failed
243526 - IPv6 default route does not work
244135 - audit tty input
249726 - Misspellings in RPM description, suggested clarifications
250104 - RHEL5 Kernel patches for blktap statistics
254195 - use after free in nlm subsystem
350281 - IPSec Packet has no Non-ESP marker
370471 - [RFE] Add support for Wacom PTZ-431W to kernel
376831 - Read from /proc/ppc64/rtas/error_log does not honor O_NONBLOCK
382491 - duplicate packet from ipt_CLUSTERIP module
390601 - [RHEL5] EDAC k8 MC0: extended error code: GART error
406051 - Marvell NIC using skge driver loses promiscuous mode on rewiring
412691 - kernel-xen panic when X shuts down
420961 - Driver sky2 lost support for Marvell 88E8056 network controller
423521 - memory leak on size-8192 buckets with NFSV4
425341 - Please add vscnprintf and down_write_trylock to KABI Whitelist
425955 - resize2fs online resize fails with small journal
426096 - Xenoprof check_ctrs/start/stop fixes for intel family 6
426895 - fix default route doesn't work.
428275 - Need EOE (End of Event) audit message sent from kernel.
428277 - Audit subsystem SIGUSR2 support
428696 - nVidia MCP55 MCP55 Ethernet (rev a3) not functional on kernel 2.6.18-53.1.4
428720 - [RHEL5 U2] Connectathon RHEL5 client to RHEL4 server, Connectathon failure
429054 - soft lockup while unmounting a read-only filesystem with errors
429142 - RHEL5.2: ecryptfs oops after lower persistent file creation failure
429337 - Make dm interfaces available for external modules.
429941 - [RHEL5 U2] Audit fails to shutdown properly
429950 - [firewire] unable to use disk (giving up on config rom)
429951 - [firewire] unable to use disk (fw_sbp2: failed to login to ...)
430300 - [firewire] ohci iso receive support incomplete
431183 - utrace: PTRACE_POKEUSR_AREA corrupts ACR0
431365 - SCSI IO errors do not propagate properly with certain SCSI devices
431868 - mounting CIFS subshare doesn't autoconvert prepath delimiters
432057 - GFS2: d_doio stuck in readv() waiting for pagelock.
432867 - memory corruption due to portmap call succeeding after parent rpc_clnt has been freed
433661 - kernel panic with voip traffic (h323)
434538 - sr #1768018 : numlock led does not reflect the status of numlock
434800 - xenkbd can crash when probe fails
434998 - utrace: ERESTARTSYS from calling a function from a debugger
435110 - fix up remaining sctp MIB problems
435115 - kernel freezes when running script which features ecryptfs parts of kernel
435144 - whitelist: iounmap(ia64) - Failed ABI dependencies for IA64 mpt SCSI drivers
435291 - LTC41974-Pages of a memory mapped NFS file get corrupted.
436004 - 50-75 % drop in nfs-server rewrite performance compared to rhel 4.6+
436068 - [Areca 5.3 feat] Update arcmsr to version
436686 - tg3.c does not build on sparc with > 2.6.18-53.el5
436966 - e1000_clean_tx_irq: Detected Tx Unit Hang - 82546EB
437129 - Rpm install fails due to missing symbols required in myri10ge-kmod x86_64 rpm
437479 - remove extraneous error field from nfs_readdir_descriptor_t
437544 - fix bad merge in nfs3_write_done and nfs3_commit_done
437579 - batch kprobe unregister
437803 - gfs2 crash - BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address
437882 - utrace: orig_rax 0x00000000ffffffff not recognized as -1
437958 - /proc/<pid>/environ not always accessible when receiving PTRACE_EVENT_EXIT
438153 - Poor LVM mirroring performance
438230 - ia64: suspecious compile warning in brew
438423 - backport patch to RHEL5 have it flip to synchronous writes when there is a write error
438761 - LTC:5.4:201049:DM-MP SCSI Hardware Handlers
439193 - Assertion failure in journal_next_log_block
439194 - Assertion failure in journal_start() at fs/jbd/transaction.c:274: 'handle->h_transaction->t_journal == journal'
439899 - [RFE] Add uvcvideo module to the kernel.
439917 - kernel: splice: fix bad unlock_page() in error case [rhel-5.3]
439918 - kernel: dio: zero struct dio with kzalloc instead of manually [rhel-5.3]
440261 - xen/ia64 asm missing srlz instruction
440413 - ecryptfs module incorrectly checks error codes in process_request_key_err
440506 - panic in aoe:aoecmd_ata_rsp during direct I/O to lvm [snap,mirror,stripe]
441615 - HP DC7700 ACPI problem
441640 - RHEL 5.1 will incorrectly mark SCSI devices as offline due to improper error handling
441716 - Fake ARP dropped after migration leading to loss of network connectivity
441832 - mptscsi race between hotremove and mptscsih_bus_reset
442426 - do not limit locked memory when RLIMIT_MEMLOCK is RLIM_INFINITY
442577 - Backport fix for possible data corruption in mark_buffer_dirty on SMP
442661 - [5.2][kdump][xen] crash failed to read vmcore from Dom0 Kernel
442723 - Xen Support more than 16 disk devices (kernel)
442736 - launching too many guests panics with "No available IRQ to bind to: increase NR_IRQS!"
442820 - IPV6DOD: ESP with 3des-cbc for encrypt and authentication set to "null"
442906 - libata: sata_nv - disable ADMA by default
442991 - Include xenpv-driver in bare metal kernel rpm.
443043 - fix setuid/setgid clearing by knfsd
443395 - cp -p does not copy mtime to CIFS share
443522 - ls shows two /proc/[pid]/limits files for every process
443618 - [REG][Xen][5.2beta] cannot open a vmcore of xen-kdump with crash
443627 - kernel dm snapshot: PPC64: kernel OOPS during activation of snapshot with small chunksize
443645 - ST Driver causing kernel panic condition
443853 - RHEL 5.3 NULL pointer dereferenced in powernowk8_init
443896 - RFE: [Ext4 enabler] backport vfs helpers to facilitate ext4 backport and testing
444582 - IPV6DOD: all MCAST_* socket options fail  with 32-bit app, 64-bit kernel due to padding
444589 - xentop - incompatibility between HV and userspace toolset
444611 - kernel doesn't honor ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE for stack
444759 - high I/O wait using 3w-9xxx
444776 - iBFT target info not parsed properly by the iscsi_ibft module
444865 - oops in cifs module while trying to stop a thread (kthread_stop) during filesystem mount
444961 - softlockup when repeatedly dropping caches
445095 - BusLogic module can't compile in the rhel 5.2 beta kernel
445211 - [RFE] DTR/DSR flow control
445422 - Feature: allow panic on softlockup warnings
445522 - clean up CIFS build warnings
445649 - [PATCH][RHEL5.1] Performance Improvement of fdatasync(2) in case of Overwrite
445674 - Direct I/O cache invalidation after sync writes
445787 - debugfs: file/directory creation error
446068 - [RHEL5] k8_edac: typo in 'EDAC k8 MC0: GART TLB errorr: '
446076 - [RHEL5 U2] iwl4965 -> compat module taints kernel
446142 - CIFS: slab error in kmem_cache_destroy(): cache `cifs_request': Can't free all objects
446188 - BUG: Don't reserve crashkernel memory > 4 GB on ia64
446250 - IPV6DOD: xfrm reverse icmp feature does not seem to work correctly.
446599 - jbd races lead to EIO for O_DIRECT
446707 - Add support for filetype option in audit subsystem
446962 - Access to firewire devices is still allowed after the device is removed from the bus.
447400 - CIFS VFS: Send error in FindClose = -9
447586 - DM failing path due to a communication failure on a single i/o
447742 - JBD: Fix typo that could result in filesystem corruption.
447748 - GFS2: lock_dlm is not always delivering callbacks in the right order
448328 - ssh connection hangs when running command producing large text output after running "service iptables restart"
448762 - FEAT: Update ieee80211 component and associated drivers
448763 - FEAT: Add rt2x00 drivers
448764 - FEAT: Add rtl818x drivers
449668 - RHEL5.3: update ecryptfs kernelspace to 2.6.26 codebase
449787 - FEAT: RHEL5.3 update acpi-cpufreq driver
449945 - Guest OS install causes host machine to crash
449948 - Add gate.lds to Documentation/dontdiff
450130 - dlm: fixes for mixed endian cluster
450132 - dlm: fixes for recovery of user lockspace
450133 - dlm: keep cached master rsbs during recovery
450135 - dlm: save master info after failed no-queue request
450136 - dlm: check for null in device_write [rhel-5.3]
450137 - dlm: fix basts for granted CW waiting PR/CW
450138 - dlm: move plock code from gfs2
450184 - Ensure that 'noac' and/or 'actimeo=0' turn off attribute caching
450219 - bonding driver can leave rtnl_lock unbalanced
450276 - GFS2: cannot use fifo nodes (named pipes)
450566 - FEAT: RHEL5.3 backport fallocate syscall
450786 - [Stratus 5.3 bug] kernel NULL pointer dereference at usbdev_read
450855 - Unbalance reference count in ndisc_recv_ns
450921 - s2io intr_type documentation inaccurate
451007 - FEAT: RHEL 5.3 HDA ALSA driver update from mainstream
451008 - Rpmbuild generates incorrect packages due to typos in the kernel-2.6.spec file.
451157 - [Stratus 5.3][2/2] ttyS1 lost interrupt and it stops transmitting
451196 - ip tunnel can't be bound to another device
451317 - deadlock when rpc_malloc tries to flush NFS pages
451586 - RHEL5.3: SB600/700 SATA controller PMP support
451591 - Handle invalid ACPI SLIT table
451593 - Multiple outstanding ptc.g instruction support
451745 - a check for a buggy HP SAL caused problems booting as a guest in a virtual machine
451945 - Update 3w-xxxx to version
451946 - Update 3w-9xxx to version
452004 - gfs2: BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at ffff81002690e000
452175 - kernel BUG at arch/i386/mm/highmem-xen.c:43! with errata/RHBA-2008-0314 installed
452535 - CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL requires SELinux
452577 - Actual & placeholder funcs have differing param counts
452761 - r8169 driver broken in 2.6.18-92+ kernels.
453038 - Missing functions in UP kernel
453094 - deadlock when lockd tries to take f_sema that it already has
453394 - [RHEL5.2]: Running strace with a bad syscall doesn't return -ENOSYS
453441 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla2xxx- provide additional statistics to user
453462 - update CIFS for RHEL5.3
453472 - [aacraid] aac_srb: aac_fib_send failed with status 8195
453563 - RTL8111/8168B network card does not work
453574 - virtual ethernet device stops working on reception of duplicate backend state change signals
453680 - Error in the uhci code causes usb not to work with iommu=calgary boot option
453685 - [QLogic 5.3 feat] [1/n] qla2xxx- Upstream updates: 8.01.07-k7
453711 - [5.2][nfs] ls -l shows outdated timestamp
453990 - [RHEL5.3] LTP test failure in inotify02 testcase
454711 - 'xm info' does not show correct info in 'node_to_cpu' field on ia64
454792 - document divider= option in kernel docs
455060 - PTRACE_KILL does not kill the child process, rather than the child starts running freely.
455230 - v4l2 ioctl debug messages cannot be turned off
455238 - IPsec memory leak
455308 - Altix Partitioned System
455424 - x86: show apicid for cpu in proc
455425 - x86: don't call MP_processor_info for disabled cpu
455427 - x86: don't call MP_processor_info for disabled cpu (64bit)
455434 - x86: fix PAE pmd_bad bootup warning
455447 - FEAT: RHEL 5.3: (1/2) Increase deep idle state residency on idle platforms using Nehalem class processors
455449 - FEAT: RHEL 5.3: (2/2) Increase deep idle state residency on idle platforms using Nehalem class processors
455452 - RFE: delalloc helpers for ext4
455460 - kernel NULL pointer dereference in kobject_get_path
455471 - [NEC/Stratus 5.3 bug] various crashes in md - rdev removed in the middle of ITERATE_RDEV
455478 - 2.6.26 backport of "check physical address range in ioremap" into RHEL5-U3
455491 - backport of fix endless page faults in mount_block_root for Linux 2.6 from 2.6.26 to RHEL5-U3
455504 - Backport of don't use large pages to map the first 2/4MB of memory form 2.6.26 to RHEL5-U3
455729 - close system call returns -ERESTARTSYS
455813 - Under heavy memory usage dma_alloc_coherent does not return aligned address
455900 - [QLogic 5.3 feat] qla2xxx - mgmt. API, CT pass thru
456052 - kernel: fix array out of bounds when mounting with selinux options [rhel-5.3]
456169 - Need to add 3 dlm symbols to the kernel whitelist
456215 - RHEL 5.3 HDA ALSA driver update from upstream 2008-07-22 (fixes and support for new hw)
456218 - kernel: serial open/close loop disables irq [rhel-5.3]
456300 - IPMI: Restrict keyboard io port reservation
456334 - GFS2: glock dumping misses out some glocks
456453 - GFS2: d_rwdirectempty fails with short read
456638 - [Kdump] not work on HP-XW8600
456900 - [QLogic 5.3 feat] [0/n] qla2xxx- Netlink, FCoE management API
457006 - ipv6: use timer pending to fix bridge reference count problem [rhel-5.3]
457013 - pppoe: Check packet length on all receive paths [rhel-5.3]
457018 - pppoe: Unshare skb before anything else [rhel-5.3]
457025 - ide-cd: fix oops when using growisofs [rhel-5.3]
457058 - ecryptfs page-sized memory allocations can corrupt memory
457137 - [IA64] Fix SMP-unsafe with XENMEM_add_to_physmap on HVM
457143 - RHEL5.3: misc ecryptfs fixes from 2.6.27
457300 - hang in ad_rx_machine due to second attempt to lock spin_lock
457569 - dlm get_comm() uses NULL pointer
457798 - GFS2 : gfs2meta is FUBAR
457892 - RTL8101E performance problem
457958 - Backport NetXen nic driver from upstream kernel to RHEL5.3
457961 - kprobes remove causing kernel panic on ia64 with 2.6.18-92.1.10.el5 kernel
458019 - kernel: random32: seeding improvement [rhel-5.3]
458270 - [TAHI] DAD test failure when ipv6_autoconf=yes
458289 - GFS2: rm on multiple nodes causes panic
458360 - enable userspace kernel header check
458368 - [5.0] kdump hangs up by Sysrq+C trigger
458441 - Make oprofile recognize Nehalem
458620 - Problem with aic79xx
458684 - GFS2: glock deadlock in page fault path
458718 - FEAT: RHEL 5.3 ext4 tech preview
458749 - autofs problem with symbolic links
458760 - kernel: dlm: dlm/user.c input validation fixes [rhel-5.3]
458774 - Kernel BUG at fs/nfs/namespace.c:103 (:nfs:nfs_follow_mountpoint)
458824 - Oprofile need to enable/disable all the counters for intel family 6
458936 - write barriers not supported, ext3 does not complain
458988 - Panic while using pci=use_crs for resource allocation
459062 - pppoe: Fix skb_unshare_check call position [rhel-5.3]
459092 - kernel dm mpath: fix several problems in dm-mapth target error paths
459095 - kernel dm crypt: use cond_resched
459107 - [RHEL5.3]: Hang when booting an i386 domU on an i386 HV
459221 - RHEL5.3: Patch to support new AMD HDMI Audio
459337 - dm-snap.c: Data read from snapshot may be corrupt if origin is being written to simultaneously
459436 - ext4 assembly bitops failures on s390
459460 - kernel: cpufreq: fix format string bug [rhel-5.3]
459463 - kernel: binfmt_misc.c: avoid potential kernel stack overflow [rhel-5.3]
459527 - Performance degradation due to excessive spinlocking in the block layer when using logical volume that spans too many physical volumes
459556 - [TAHI] no echo reply for loopback address
459585 - dlm_recoverd in D state when using IPv6 to comunicate between nodes
459722 - [QLogic 5.3 feat] [3/n] qla2xxx - Upstream updates: 8.02.00-k5 to 8.02.00-k6
459738 - GFS2: Multiple writer performance issue.
459786 - utrace signal handling bug interferes with systemtap uprobes
459812 - IPsec crash with MAC longer than 16 bytes
459876 - network hangs and BUG() message at boot with -105.el5debug kernel
460047 - Kernel obsoletes existing Driver Updates on install
460063 - CIFS option forcedirectio fails to allow the appending of text to files.
460103 - kernel: alsa: asoc: fix double free and memory leak in many codec drivers [rhel-5.3]
460135 - CIFS: enable DFS support as tech-preview in RHEL5.3
460195 - Need SCSI transport and LLD netlink support.
460593 - backport upstream kernel support for private futexes to RHEL 5.3 kernel
460845 - Nested LVM can cause deadlock due to kcopyd
460846 - Deadlock possibility with nested LVMs with snapshots
460857 - kernel: devmem: add range_is_allowed() check to mmap_mem() [rhel-5.3]
461184 - Significant regression in time() performance
461414 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla2xxx/qla84xx: Fix 128Kb limitation in netlink messages;
461532 - /proc/xen on bare-metal and FV guests causes multiple issues
461537 - crypto: hmac(md5) self-test panics system
461671 - [RHEL5] nmi: crash during kdump kernel boot
461866 - net: Enable TSO if supported by at least one device
462109 - [qlogic 5.3 bug] qla2xxx - Set rport dev loss timeout consistently
462117 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla2xxx - Additional residual-count corrections during UNDERRUN handling.
462354 - dlm: add old plock interface
462416 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] Update qla2xxx - PCI EE error handling support
462441 - Fix NUL handling in TTY input auditing
462500 - BUG: warning when pata_sil680 loaded
462622 - spufs in RHEL5.3: missing context switch notification log
462663 - Netboot image for ppc too large
462743 - libata: rmmod pata_sil680 never returns from ata_port_detach
463206 - Regression: Tape commands are possibly retried if there is a loss of connectivity while it is running
463277 - RHEL5.3: ext4 warning on x86 build
463416 - RHEL 5.3: fix scsi regression causing udev to hang loading sr_mod
463470 - Regression: multipath was setting the REQ_FAILFAST flags which caused a performance drop
463478 - RHEL5.3: ecryptfs memory corruption
463500 - [RHEL5.3] Kernel-xen Oops EIP is at range_straddles_page_boundary+0x2c/0xd9
463503 - EEPROM/NVM of the e1000e becomes corrupted
464445 - xm trigger <domain> init causes kernel panic.
464681 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla2xxx/qla84xxx: Advertise qla84xx firmware rev. fix netlink code
464868 - incorrect ATA7 handing in kernel causing ABRT errors
465023 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] Update qla2xxx version to meet open source standards.
465396 - [5.3] makedumpfile: Can't get necessary symbols for excluding free pages.
465825 - panic in kcopyd during snapshot I/O
465856 - GFS2: recovery stuck
466167 - RHEL5.3: posix-timers race condition causes timer to seize up
466240 - Question for LUKS device passhprase unreadable when using Xen
466246 - Interactive installation fails with ext4dev root partition
466307 - /dev/agpart missing for intel i965 HW/82G965 Graphics
466422 - RHEL5.3: Modify SATA IDE mode quirk
466774 - [RHEL5.3] kernel kernel BUG at kernel/exit.c:1129!
467153 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] latest qlogic driver takes several minutes to find LUNs on older qla2xx controller
467216 - avc:  denied  { sys_resource } when using ext4dev partitions
467244 - On RHEL 5.2 32 bit rmmod bonding results in a kernel panic when configured in balance-tlb mode
467689 - GFS2: Hang when shrink_slab calls gfs2_delete_inode (the GFP_NOFS bit)
467845 - RHEL 5.3: allow tcp socket buffers grow to larger than a page size
467927 - [RHEL5] patch enabling deep C states makes a RHTS machine hang on boot
468034 - RHEL 5.3: minor virtio_net_fixes
468083 - kernel-xen doesn't boot on Dell Optiplex GX280
468148 - getsockopt() returning incorrectly in PPC
468187 - [autofs4] Incorrect "active offset mount" messages in syslog
468192 - writing data to file can fail and cause panic sometimes when using xattr on ecryptfs
468538 - dlm: add dlm_posix_set_fsid to kABI
468547 - RHEL5.3: Regression in ext3/jbd
468555 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla2xxx - restore disable by default of MSI, MSI-X
468573 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla2xxx - Correct Atmel flash-part handling
468870 - initscripts upgrade from 8.45.17 to 8.45.19 breaks arp_ip_target
468873 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla2xxx - fails to report Option Rom version information
468915 - [Stratus/NEC 5.3 bug] System can crash when removing input device
468922 - bnx2x + 57711 MCA on BL870c
468967 - iwlagn (Montevina & Santa Rosa) fails to get associated with AP by NetworkManager frequently
469414 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla3xxx, qla4xxx- Update version numbers and use new format.
469444 - [All Partners 5.3 bug] allow both ACPI code paths to use the same blacklist dmi_table correctly
469710 - Various firewire bugs fixed upstream
469711 - firewire module unload hangs
469715 - libata: avoid overflow in ata_tf_to_lba48() when tf->hba_lbal> 127
469754 - kernel panic seen in ptrace_induce_signal in run of rhts test /tools/gdb/gdb-any/
469774 - RHEL53 Beta1: network installation through cxgb3 interface failed if the adapter firmware doesn't match the cxgb3 device driver requst firmware level in rhel53.
470201 - CVE-2008-5029 kernel: Unix sockets kernel panic
470267 - cifs: data corruption due to interleaved partial writes timing out
470449 - system-config-soundcard is not working on RHEL5.3 GA-snapshot1
470610 - [Emulex 5.3 bug] Update lpfc to version
470625 - Netdump not functioning w/ bnx2 >= v1.8h (Broadcom Netxtreme II Network Card)
471112 - gdb on ppc hangs, then panics with a kill -9
471269 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla2xxx - No NPIV for Loop connections.
471576 - libata: Avoid overflow in ata_tf_read_block() when tf->hba_lbal > 127
471639 - max_phys_segments violation with dm-linear + md raid1 + cciss
471801 - statically linked uuid segfaults in uuid_generate() on Xen kernel
471871 - dlm: fix up memory allocation flags
471903 - [Broadcom 5.3 bug] bnx2: add PCI-IDs for 5716s
471933 - [Brocade/Dell 5.3 bug] hts failing memory test with EDAC i5000 Non-Fatal error
472095 - RHEL5.3 e1000e: enable ECC correction on 82571 silicon
472325 - CVE-2008-5182 kernel: fix inotify watch removal/umount races
472382 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla2xx/qla84xx - Failure to establish link.
472504 - Need to build xen-platform-pci as a module and not into the kernel
472844 - kernel panic when modprobe -r acpi_cpufreq on centrino platform with kernel newer than 2.6.18-118
473110 - RHEL 5.3: allow tun/tap support larger MTU sizes
473114 - RHEL 5.3: allow virtio_net support larger MTU sizes
473120 - RHEL 5.3: implement virtio_net mergeable receive buffer allocate scheme
473696 - CVE-2008-5079 Linux Kernel 'atm module' Local Denial of Service
474465 - RHEL5.3: Calgary DMA errors on IBM systems
474736 - [QLogic 5.3 bug] qla4xxx - Add checks for <TargetName, ISID, TargetPortGroupTag>
474935 - fcoe: fix terminate_rport_io related problems
475652 - kdump panic introduced by hpet fix on systems without HPET
475778 - [RHEL 5.3 Xen]: Guest hang on FV save/restore
476184 - RHEL5.3 pv guests crash randomly on reboot orders.

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