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             AUSCERT External Security Bulletin Redistribution

Important: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 kernel security and bug fix update
                              14 January 2011


        AusCERT Security Bulletin Summary

Product:           kernel
Publisher:         Red Hat
Operating System:  Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5
                   Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS/Desktop 5
Impact/Access:     Denial of Service      -- Remote/Unauthenticated
                   Access Privileged Data -- Existing Account      
Resolution:        Patch/Upgrade
CVE Names:         CVE-2010-4343 CVE-2010-4263 CVE-2010-4258
                   CVE-2010-4255 CVE-2010-4243 CVE-2010-4238
                   CVE-2010-4158 CVE-2010-4081 CVE-2010-4080
                   CVE-2010-4075 CVE-2010-4073 CVE-2010-4072
                   CVE-2010-3877 CVE-2010-3296 

Reference:         ESB-2011.0029

Original Bulletin: 

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                   Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis:          Important: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 kernel security and bug fix update
Advisory ID:       RHSA-2011:0017-01
Product:           Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Advisory URL:      https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2011-0017.html
Issue date:        2011-01-13
CVE Names:         CVE-2010-3296 CVE-2010-3877 CVE-2010-4072 
                   CVE-2010-4073 CVE-2010-4075 CVE-2010-4080 
                   CVE-2010-4081 CVE-2010-4158 CVE-2010-4238 
                   CVE-2010-4243 CVE-2010-4255 CVE-2010-4263 

1. Summary:

Updated kernel packages that fix multiple security issues, address several
hundred bugs, and add numerous enhancements are now available as part of
the ongoing support and maintenance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.
This is the sixth regular update.

The Red Hat Security Response Team has rated this update as having
important security impact. Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base
scores, which give detailed severity ratings, are available for each
vulnerability from the CVE links in the References section.

2. Relevant releases/architectures:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 server) - i386, ia64, noarch, ppc, s390x, x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 5 client) - i386, noarch, x86_64

3. Description:

The kernel packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux
operating system.

This update fixes the following security issues:

* A NULL pointer dereference flaw was found in the igb driver in the Linux
kernel. If both the Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) feature and
promiscuous mode were enabled on an interface using igb, it could result in
a denial of service when a tagged VLAN packet is received on that
interface. (CVE-2010-4263, Important)

* A missing sanity check was found in vbd_create() in the Xen hypervisor
implementation. As CD-ROM drives are not supported by the blkback back-end
driver, attempting to use a virtual CD-ROM drive with blkback could trigger
a denial of service (crash) on the host system running the Xen hypervisor.
(CVE-2010-4238, Moderate)

* A flaw was found in the Linux kernel execve() system call implementation.
A local, unprivileged user could cause large amounts of memory to be
allocated but not visible to the OOM (Out of Memory) killer, triggering a
denial of service. (CVE-2010-4243, Moderate)

* A flaw was found in fixup_page_fault() in the Xen hypervisor
implementation. If a 64-bit para-virtualized guest accessed a certain area
of memory, it could cause a denial of service on the host system running
the Xen hypervisor. (CVE-2010-4255, Moderate)

* A missing initialization flaw was found in the bfa driver used by Brocade
Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters. A local, unprivileged user could use this
flaw to cause a denial of service by reading a file in the
"/sys/class/fc_host/host#/statistics/" directory. (CVE-2010-4343, Moderate)

* Missing initialization flaws in the Linux kernel could lead to
information leaks. (CVE-2010-3296, CVE-2010-3877, CVE-2010-4072,
CVE-2010-4073, CVE-2010-4075, CVE-2010-4080, CVE-2010-4081, CVE-2010-4158,

Red Hat would like to thank Kosuke Tatsukawa for reporting CVE-2010-4263;
Vladymyr Denysov for reporting CVE-2010-4238; Brad Spengler for reporting
CVE-2010-4243; Dan Rosenberg for reporting CVE-2010-3296, CVE-2010-4073,
CVE-2010-4075, CVE-2010-4080, CVE-2010-4081, and CVE-2010-4158; Vasiliy
Kulikov for reporting CVE-2010-3877; and Kees Cook for reporting

These updated packages also include several hundred bug fixes for and
enhancements to the Linux kernel. Space precludes documenting each of these
changes in this advisory and users are directed to the Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 5.6 Release Notes for information on the most significant of these


Refer to the kernel chapter in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 Technical
Notes for further information:


All Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 users are advised to install these updated
packages, which address these vulnerabilities as well as fixing the bugs
and adding the enhancements noted in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6
Release Notes and Technical Notes. The system must be rebooted for this
update to take effect.

4. Solution:

Before applying this update, make sure all previously-released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to
use the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

To install kernel packages manually, use "rpm -ivh [package]". Do not
use "rpm -Uvh" as that will remove the running kernel binaries from
your system. You may use "rpm -e" to remove old kernels after
determining that the new kernel functions properly on your system.

5. Bugs fixed (http://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

237372 - Marvell PATA not supported
429102 - Allocations on resume path can cause deadlock due to attempting to swap
441243 - kernel keyring quotas exceeded
455323 - No support for upstream /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog.
456765 - kabitool blocks custom kernel builds when kernel version > 2.6.18-53.1.21.el5
459901 - race condition between AIO and setresuid()
466088 - dm-snapshot: very slow write to snapshot origin when copy-on-write occurs
466157 - kernel doesn't supply memory fields in getrusage, /usr/bin/time anything shows "... (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k ..."
470801 - Read from /proc/xen/xenbus does not honor O_NONBLOCK
479418 - second cifs mount to samba server fails when samba using security=ADS
485903 - [RHEL5] Netfilter modules unloading hangs
488882 - cxgb3 driver very slow under Xen with HW acceleration enabled
493047 - Oprofile - Add Dunnington processors to the list of ppro cores
494400 - TCP: Treason uncloaked! during Network Stress Testing
496127 - [RHEL5.5] e1000e devices fail to initialize interrupts properly
499553 - Cannot generate proper stacktrace on xen-ia64
503864 - The USB storage cannot use >2TB.
504188 - GFS1 vs GFS2 performance issue
506694 - kdump hangs up if INIT is received while kdump is starting
507846 - Balloon driver gives up too easily when ballooning up under memory pressure
513934 - Keyboard LEDs constantly lit
516289 - bonding: backport code to allow user-controlled output slave detection.
516851 - [Stratus 5.6 bug] System crashes at uhci_scan_schedule().
516985 - When bonding is used and IPV6 is enabled the message of 'kernel: bond0: duplicate address detected!' is output
521878 - Fix instances of #!/usr/bin/env python in kernel-devel-packages
523341 - PCI SR-IOV BAR resources can't be reliably mapped
523920 - [Adaptec/HCL 5.6 bug] Problems with aacraid - File system going into read-only.
529914 - GFS2 fatal: filesystem consistency error on rename
530123 - [Dell 5.5 FEAT] autoload tpm_tis driver
533093 - Certain newer WDC SATA drives identified as SEMB
533391 - Kernel panic: EDAC MC0: INTERNAL ERROR: channel-b out of range
538022 - java.util.concurrent: long delay and intervals drift since kernel update to 164
539560 - tcp_disconnect should clear all of tp->rx_opt ....
539626 - default txqueuelen of vif device is too small
540786 - support supplementary groups of tun/tap devices
541224 - net:  possible leak of dst_entry (ipv4)
546060 - soft lockup while unmounting a read-only filesystem with errors (As per Redhat Bug #429054)
546455 - kernel bug: quota file size not a multiple of struct gfs2_quota
546554 - kernel: no clue to find what is happening when hitting a lockdep limit
546700 - Deadlock in aio
551028 - nfsv4 hangs -- kernel: decode_op_hdr: reply buffer overflowed in line 2121
552574 - Guest could not join the multicast group with virtio NIC
552886 - [RHEL5] ip_mc_sf_allow() has a lock problem
553407 - nanosleep() is unstable on xen kernel and ntpd with -x option
554706 - Kernel: network: bonding: scheduling while atomic: ifdown-eth/0x00000100/21775
554872 - Periodic ata exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x6 frozen messages
555197 - dm-raid1: fix data lost at mirror log failure
555708 - kABI whitelist request for Fujitsu modules
555910 - xen migration fails when a full virt guest uses the xen-vnif driver
556476 - Update sfc driver (add SFC9000 support)
557423 - nfs: sys_read  sometimes returns -EIO
558999 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] kABI whitelist request for bnx2i
559815 - ACPI _SDD failed (AE 0x5) messages on boot
560540 - Reserve PNP enumerated system board iomem resources
560870 - Update Neighbor Cache when IPv6 RA is received on a router
563271 - ITE it887x chipset serial ports don't work
564249 - [LSI 5.6 feat] update megaraid_sas to version 4.31
565560 - [5.6 FEAT] KVM network performance: Defer skb allocation in virtio-net
565973 - [EMC 5.6 bug] security and PSF update patch for EMC CKD ioctl
565974 - [5.6 FEAT] NFSv4 remove does not wait for close. Silly rename
566104 - route: BUG at include/linux/timer.h:82 (call from rt_secret_rebuild_oneshot)
566144 - Loading NAT module with/without rules affects ping behaviour
566767 - [Emulex 5.6 bug] kABI whitelist request for lpfc
567092 - possible recursive locking of inode by nfsd
567428 - [QLogic 5.6 FEAT] Update qla2xxx driver to version
567444 - RHEL5.6: cxgb3i driver update
567462 - [Broadcom 5.6 feat] Update tg3 to version 3.108+ and add 5718 B0, 5719 support
567479 - fasync_helper patch causing problems with GPFS
567604 - [Regression] bonding: 802.3ad problems with link detection
568111 - [Cisco 5.6 FEAT] Update enic driver to version
568601 - [Broadcom 5.6 FEAT] Update bnx2 to 2.0.8+
568606 - [Broadcom 5.6 FEAT] Update bnx2i driver and add 57712 support
569106 - netconsole fails with tg3
569342 - [5.4] nfsd dereferences uninitialized list head on error exit in nfsd4_list_rec_dir()
569643 - [Emulex 5.6 feat] Add be2iscsi driver for BE3 asic
569654 - boot hangs if scsi read capacity fails on faulty non system drive
570044 - kernel panic when rmmod and insmod rpcsec_gss_krb5 module
570091 - cpu flags missing from /proc/cpuinfo
570491 - vmalloc ENOMEM caused by iptables
570604 - X can't get signals with DRI
570610 - [RHEL5]: Add thread_siblings_list to /sys
570645 - [RHEL5] bonding mode 0 doesn't resend IGMP after a failure
570681 - REGRESSION: Fix iscsi failover time
570824 - Timedrift on VM with pv_clock enabled, causing system hangs and sporadic time behaviour
571518 - revalidate dentries provided by LAST_BIND symlinks
571735 - backports of virtio_blk barrier support
571862 - [Emulex 5.6 feat] Update lpfc driver to version and include BE3 asic
571864 - RHEL5: coretemp: fix cpu model output
572004 - [LSI 5.6 FEAT] Update 3w-9xxx driver to v2.26.08.007-2.6.18RH
572011 - [LSI 5.6 FEAT] Add 3w-sas driver and update to v3.26.00.028-2.6.18RH
572285 - Add /sys/devices/system/node/nodeX/cpulist files
572930 - Bad ext4 sync performance on 16 TB GPT partition
573106 - [Stratus 5.6 bug] task md0_resync:18061 blocked for more than 120 seconds
573185 - large storage data corruption on 32 bit
573652 - Regression: AUTH_SYS cannot be requested using the 'sec=sys' export option.
573771 - should set ISVM bit (ECX:31) for CPUID leaf 0x00000001
574285 - 25% performance regression of concurrent O_DIRECT writes.
574557 - [Cisco 5.6 bug] kABI request for fcoe
574913 - memory leak when ipv6 interface disabled in sysctl.conf
575309 - Kernel panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn't work!
575817 - nfsv4 hangs -- client/server deadlock between commit and delegation return
576246 - missing power_meter release() function
576709 - [Cisco 5.6 bug] fnic: flush Tx queue bug fix
577182 - vxge: not enough MMIO resources for SR-IOV error
578005 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] Cannot login to iSCSI target when bnx2i is loaded last
578259 - Network throughput drops seriously on DomU to DomU node traffic on RHEL5.3 Xen when NIC performs RSC.
578261 - [5.5] SCTP: Check if the file structure is valid before checking the non-blocking flag
578492 - e1000_clean_tx_irq: Detected Tx Unit Hang
578531 - [RHEL5.5] soft lockup on vlan with bonding in balance-alb mode
578905 - RHEL 5.3 on DL585 G6: testing NMI watchdog fails on bootup
580699 - hwmon: (coretemp) Get TjMax value from MSR for i series CPUs
581396 - [PATCH][RHEL5.5] Fix Time drift on KVM x86_64 RHEL5.5 Guest using PV clock
581654 - RTL-8169 Gigatit Ethernet network devices mac address changes after soft reboot.
581933 - pci_mmcfg_init() making some of main memory uncacheable
582003 - Enable LED support in iwlagn and iwl3945 drivers (IWLWIFI_LEDS)
582237 - "hung_task" feature port is incomplete
582321 - VFS: Busy inodes after unmount issue.
582367 - implement dev_disable_lro for RHEL5
582435 - [Stratus 5.6 bug] Circular lock dep warning on cfq_exit_lock
582722 - TCP socket premature timeout with FRTO and TSO
582886 - The assigned VF cannot be found in PV guest.
583673 - set-cpu_llc_id-on-amd-cpus patch: undefined variable 'cpu' in in amd_detect_cmp()
583767 - dev_set_name() undefined in net/wireless/cfg80211.ko in some cases
584412 - transmission stops when tap does not consume
584679 - The kvm clock couldn't go back after stop/continue
585431 - Add log message for unhandled sense error REPORTED_LUNS_DATA_CHANGED
586482 - ATIIXP IDE driver reuses ide_lock unsafely
588015 - x86_64 host on Nehalem-EX machines will panic when installing a 4.8 GA kvm guest
588599 - Kernel BUG at fs/ext3/super.c:425
590760 - compiling a xen config produces lots of pud_present warnings
590763 - PG_error bit is never cleared, even when a fresh I/O to the page succeeds
590864 - Unkillable processes
591548 - netback does not properly get to the Connected state after it's been Closed
591674 - [Emulex 5.6 bug] Update lpfc driver to version
592322 - [RHEL 5] Errors when Accessing iSCSI luns via iSER - timing out command
592908 - Memory leak when nfs shares are mounted with option "nolock"
592961 - ext3: fsync() does not flush disk caches
593040 - TCP: avoid to send keepalive probes if receiving data
593801 - [RHEL5.5] TCP bandwidth problems with TPA and bnx2x cards
593862 - [RHEL5.5] Self-test using 'ethtool -t ethX' fails with "Cannot test: Operation not supported"
594404 - [RHEL 5.5] vxge: unable to create VLAN
594546 - [Intel 5.6 Bug] CPU synchronization required when doing MTRR register update
594635 - kernel: security: testing the wrong variable in create_by_name() [rhel-5.6]
595397 - GFS2: stuck in inode wait, no glocks stuck
595548 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] bnx2i: MTU change does not work
595862 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] cnic: Panic in cnic_iscsi_nl_msg_recv()
596548 - dcache unused accounting problem
596626 - Create reliable implementation of cancel_(delayed)_work_sync() in RHEL5
597143 - [LSI 5.6 bug] kABI request for mptsas, mpt2sas
597334 - reg_regdb_search_lock calls kmalloc while holding spinlock
598946 - [NetApp 5.6 bug] QLogic FC firmware errors seen on RHEL 5.5
599295 - Significant MSI performance issue due to redundant interrupt masking
600387 - gfs2 kernel - Better error reporting when mounting a gfs fs without enough journals
601692 - RFE virtio balloon driver does not include extended memory statistics
601800 - NFS-over-GFS out-of-order GETATTR Reply causes corruption
602402 - bnx2x panic dumps with multiple interfaces enabled
603706 - cifs: busy file renames across directories should fail with error
603806 - [Emulex 5.6 bug] Update lpfc driver to version
604044 - NFS4 breaks when server returns NFS4ERR_FILE_OPEN
604779 - Page out activity when there is no current VM load
605259 - tcp: sending reset to the already closed socket
605265 - kernel bug in cfq merge logic
605305 - need to backport 2e3219b5c8a2e44e0b83ae6e04f52f20a82ac0f2
605697 - [RHEL 5.5] 32-bit pvhvm guest on 64-bit host crash w/xm mem-set
605720 - [RHEL 5.5] nfs: fix compatibility with hpux clients
605816 - [RHEL 5.6] move Tausworthe net_random generator to lib/random32
606851 - Wrong /proc/cpuinfo for Pentium D reported on RHEL 4.8 (only x86_64) and RHEL 5.5 (both i386 and x86_64)
607443 - soft lockup inside rhel5 guest
608641 - vegas and veno possible division by zero bug
608801 - [Emulex 5.6 bug] be2iscsi: IO stalls if any SGE  size=65536
609668 - kswapd hung in D state with fragmented memory and large order allocations
610234 - [5u6] Bonding in ALB mode sends ARP in loop
611938 - [RHEL5u3] System panic at sunrpc xprt_autoclose()
612212 - igb: typo in igb aer code
613134 - [QLogic 5.6 FEAT] Add P3+ AER support to qla2xxx
613187 - xen Windows 2008 guest crashes on RHEL 5.4
613667 - always print the number of triggered NMI during test at boot
613780 - [RHEL 5.5] igb driver re-order UDP packets when multi-queue is enabled
614281 - [QLogic 5.6 FEAT] Feature Updates and Bug Fixes for qlcnic
614957 - ext4: mount error path corrupts slab memory
615227 - fix oops in clusterip_seq_stop when memory allocation fails.
615229 - fix oops in dl_seq_stop when memory allocation fails.
616512 - [Emulex 5.6 feat] Update be2net to version 2.102.404r
617024 - [Broadcom 5.6 FEAT] bnx2: add AER support.
617268 - kernel crash in br_nf_pre_routing_finish
617690 - ext4 and xfs wrong data returned on read after write if file size was changed with ftruncate
618075 - RHEL5.5 boot fail with IDE controller enabled on Cobia
618114 - Kernel panic on reading from /proc/bus/pci/XX/YY while hot-removing the device.
618512 - [QLogic 5.6] kABI whitelist request for qla4xxx
619070 - 802.3ad link aggregation won't work with newer (2.6.194-8.1.el5) kernel and ixgbe driver
619112 - CIFS mount to samba3x share shows differing ownership on sequential stat() calls to same file
619361 - [NetApp 5.6 bug] SCSI ALUA handler fails to handle ALUA transitioning properly
619767 - Update cnic to 2.1.3
619814 - [Qlogic 5.6 bug] qla2xxx: Back port of upstream fixes
619917 - [Emulex 5.6 feat] Update lpfc driver to version
620037 - virtio-serial - need to back port guest driver to RHEL 5
620502 - [NetApp 5.6 bug] RHEL NFS clients disconnected from NetApp NFSv4 shares with: v4 server returned a bad sequence-id error!
620508 - system crashes due to corrupt net_device_wrapper structure
621105 - backport wireless upstream fixes
621280 - [5u5] bonding: fix a race condition in calls to slave MII ioctls
622024 - 64-bit kernel unable to oprofile 32-bit processes
622559 - libata: fix suspend/resume for ATA SEMB devices
623519 - ENOPERM when reading /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr
623595 - move iscsi/iser to passthrough mode, fix functioning and failover time under DM multipath
623675 - [QLogic 5.6 feat] qla4xxx: Update driver to
624598 - Win7 and Windows 2008 R2 xen guests with multiple vcpus can't restart
624710 - [QLogic 5.6 FEAT] qla4xxx: Add PCIe AER support
624862 - [rhel5.6] XFS incorrectly validates inodes
625061 - igb doesn't see link status changes on 82580 NIC
625079 - [QLogic 5.6 bug] netxen: Fix enabling VLAN TSO/LSO
625084 - [QLogic 5.6 bug] qlcnic: Fix netdev features and other fixes
625688 - CVE-2010-4243 kernel: mm: mem allocated invisible to oom_kill() when not attached to any threads
625841 - lpfc ioctl crash in lpfc_nlp_put()
625902 - [Xen] backport NMI injection for HVM guests
625903 - [Xen] backport hardware task switching for HVM guests
626018 - Allow using crc32c hardware accelerated engine on Intel Nehalem processor
626566 - IPR driver needs fixes to support the new Cubic-R adapter
626963 - AIO uses igrab in the submission path, which causes undue lock contention
627612 - [QLogic 5.6 BUG] qla2xxx: Correctly displaying the link state for disconnected port.
627836 - retry rather than fastfail DID_REQUEUE scsi errors with dm-multipath
627974 - Scheduling while atomic when removing slave tg3 interface from bonding
628828 - Fix hot-unplug handling of virtio-console ports
628831 - Enable NAPI for forcedeth driver
629081 - Bug 466441 reintroduced in kernel 2.6.18-194.el5
629176 - kernel: Problem with execve(2) reintroduced [rhel-5.6]
629457 - vlan: control vlan device TSO status with ethtool
629626 - groups_search() cannot handle large gid correctly
629634 - add pr_*(), netdev_*(), netif_*() printk helper macros
629638 - kernel panic in devinet_sysctl_forward when changing the /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth*/forwarding
629761 - [RHEL 5.5] e100/e1000*/igb*/ixgb*: Add missing read memory barrier
629773 - HVM guest w/ UP and PV driver hangs after live migration or suspend/resume
630124 - Detect and recover from cxgb3 adapter parity errors
630129 - [RHEL5 IA64 XEN] netfront driver: alloc_dev: Private data too big.
630563 - kernel: additional stack guard patches [rhel-5.6]
630680 - [Emulex 5.6 feat] Update be2net to version 2.102.453r
631963 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] tg3: 5717 / 57765 / 5719 devices leak memory
632057 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] bnx2: Remove some unnecessary smp_mb() in tx fast path
633149 - CVE-2010-3296 kernel: drivers/net/cxgb3/cxgb3_main.c reading uninitialized stack memory
633388 - sfc: creates too many queues
634320 - [Broadcom 5.6 feat] tg3: Re-enable 5717 B0 support
634325 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] tg3: Incorrect FW version displayed and FW handshake update
635027 - [RHEL5.6] Verify that driver version strings for updated network drivers
635782 - Add dirty_background_bytes and dirty_bytes sysctls to RHEL 5
636020 - PATCH: virtio_console: Fix poll blocking even though there is data to read
636046 - Disallow 0-sized writes to virtio ports to go through to host (leading to VM crash)
636053 - read from virtio-serial returns if the host side is not connect to pipe
636100 - TPM driver is not enabled in kernel-xen
636760 - TPM driver complains about IRQ mismatches
637194 - [Qlogic 5.6 bug] qlcnic: fix kernel NULL pointer dereference __qlcnic_shutdown+0xe/0x8a
637764 - Bonded interface doesn't issue IGMP report (join) on slave interface during failover
637826 - belkin usb nic card fails - module catc.ko
638082 - Backport HVMOP_get_time hypercall
639028 - [Emulex 5.6 feat] Update lpfc driver to version
640026 - bnx2 adapter periodically dropping received packets
640586 - sata_sil24 - add support for Adaptec 1225SA RAID eSATA controller
641086 - mpt2sas driver update causes boot failure with Dell PERC H200 SAS HBA
641193 - [NetApp 5.6 bug] regression: allow offlined devs to be set to running
643080 - tasks blocked after putting Nehalem CPU offline
643165 - GFS2: BUG_ON kernel panic in gfs2_glock_hold on 2.6.18-226
643254 - [QLogic 5.6 bug] kdump: netxen_nic doesn't work in network dumping
643426 - Stack size mapping is decreased through mlock/munlock call
643707 - [kdump] soft lockup occurs when nmi watchdog lockup is being triggered
644129 - Kernel build from source leaves kabideps file droppings in _tmppath
644136 - [QLogic 5.6 bug] qla2xxx: Fix incorrect test for zero
644438 - bnx2: Out of order arrival of UDP packets in application
644726 - panic in find_ge_pid() due to race between lseek() and readdir() on /proc
644735 - writing to a virtio serial port while no one is listening on the host side hangs the guest
644863 - [NetApp 5.6 bug] qla2xxx: Kernel panic on qla24xx_queuecommand
644879 - RHEL5.6 Include DL580 G7 in bfsort whitelist
645284 - modprobe igb max_vfs>7(Max support is 7) leads to host reboot in loop
645881 - [Emulex 5.6 feat] Update lpfc driver to version
646708 - regression: bnx2i driver returns garbage in host param callout and could oops
647259 - [Emulex 5.6 bug] Update be2net to version 2.102.512r
647297 - Direct IO write to a file on an nfs mount does not work
648656 - CVE-2010-4072 kernel: ipc/shm.c: reading uninitialized stack memory
648658 - CVE-2010-4073 kernel: ipc/compat*.c: reading uninitialized stack memory
648660 - CVE-2010-4075 kernel: drivers/serial/serial_core.c: reading uninitialized stack memory
648669 - CVE-2010-4080 kernel: drivers/sound/pci/rme9652/hdsp.c: reading uninitialized stack memory
648670 - CVE-2010-4081 kernel: drivers/sound/pci/rme9652/hdspm.c: reading uninitialized stack memory
649489 - [Emulex 5.6 bug] Update lpfc driver to version
649717 - CVE-2010-3877 kernel: net/tipc/socket.c: reading uninitialized stack memory
651287 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] cnic: Panic in uio_release()
651698 - CVE-2010-4158 kernel: socket filters infoleak
651869 - probe-remove loop of i7core_edac module causes oops
652165 - ALSA: fix sysfs related issues (modules cannot be reloaded) and mutex problem in OSS mixer emulation
652279 - [5.6 FEAT] POWER7 added to Aux Vextor
653250 - kernel: restrict unprivileged access to kernel syslog [rhel-5.6]
653262 - [5.6 Regression] network is lost after balloon-up fails
653501 - netback tries to balloon up even if front-end doesn't do flipping
653991 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] bnx2i: add upstream bug fixes to
654420 - [QLogic 5.6 bug] qlge: Update driver to
654948 - RHEL5.6 : 10Gb network card (AD144 &AD385)will  be  missing  in installation and can not be drived in system
655119 - [Emulex 5.6 bug] Update lpfc driver to version
655623 - CVE-2010-4238 kernel: Xen Dom0 crash with Windows 2008 R2 64bit DomU + GPLPV
656008 - [Qlogic 5.6 bug] qlcnic: Fix kdump issues
657097 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] tg3: Fix 5719 bugs
658155 - CVE-2010-4255 xen: 64-bit PV xen guest can crash host by accessing hypervisor per-domain memory area
658434 - forcedeth driver panics while booting debug kernel
658801 - [REG][5.6] igb never counts up the number of tx packets
659571 - CVE-2010-4258 kernel: failure to revert address limit override in OOPS error path [rhel-5.6]
660188 - CVE-2010-4263 kernel: igb panics when receiving tag vlan packet
660506 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] tg3: Increase tx jumbo bd flag threshold
660580 - [REG][5.6] kernel panic occurs by writing a file on optional mount "sync/noac" of NFSv4.
661182 - CVE-2010-4343 kernel: bfa driver sysfs crash
661393 - [IPv6] a specific route is ignored if the default gateway is reachable
663509 - [Broadcom 5.6 bug] bnx2: calling pci_map_page() twice in tx path
663853 - [REG][5.6] kernel panic occurs by reading an empty file on optional mount "sync/noac" of NFSv4.

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