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             AUSCERT External Security Bulletin Redistribution

     Moderate: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager 3.5.1 update
                               29 April 2015


        AusCERT Security Bulletin Summary

Product:           Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager
Publisher:         Red Hat
Operating System:  Red Hat
Impact/Access:     Denial of Service        -- Existing Account
                   Access Confidential Data -- Console/Physical
Resolution:        Patch/Upgrade
CVE Names:         CVE-2015-0257 CVE-2015-0237 

Original Bulletin: 

Comment: This advisory references vulnerabilities in products which run on 
         platforms other than Red Hat. It is recommended that administrators
         running Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager check for an 
         updated version of the software for their operating system.

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                   Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis:          Moderate: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager 3.5.1 update
Advisory ID:       RHSA-2015:0888-01
Product:           Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
Advisory URL:      https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2015-0888.html
Issue date:        2015-04-28
CVE Names:         CVE-2015-0237 CVE-2015-0257 

1. Summary:

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager 3.5.1 is now available.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having Moderate security
impact. Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base scores, which give
detailed severity ratings, are available for each vulnerability from the
CVE links in the References section.

2. Relevant releases/architectures:

RHEV-M 3.5 - noarch

3. Description:

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager is a visual tool for centrally
managing collections of virtual servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux
and Microsoft Windows. This package also includes the Red Hat Enterprise
Virtualization Manager API, a set of scriptable commands that give
administrators the ability to perform queries and operations on Red Hat
Enterprise Virtualization Manager.

The Manager is a JBoss Application Server application that provides several
interfaces through which the virtual environment can be accessed and
interacted with, including an Administration Portal, a User Portal, and a
Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface

It was discovered that the permissions to allow or deny snapshot creation
were ignored during live storage migration of a VM's disk between storage
domains. An attacker able to live migrate a disk between storage domains
could use this flaw to cause a denial of service. (CVE-2015-0237)

It was discovered that a directory shared between the ovirt-engine-dwhd
service and a plug-in used during the service's startup had incorrect
permissions. A local user could use this flaw to access files in this
directory, which could potentially contain sensitive information. 

The CVE-2015-0237 issue was discovered by Red Hat Enterprise Visualization
Engineering, and the CVE-2015-0257 issue was discovered by Yedidyah Bar
David of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization team.

These updated Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager packages also
include numerous bug fixes and various enhancements. Space precludes
documenting all of these changes in this advisory. Users are directed to
the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.5 Technical Notes, linked to in the
References, for information on the most significant of these changes.

All Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager users are advised to upgrade
to these updated packages, which resolve these issues and add these

4. Solution:

Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

For details on how to apply this update, refer to:


5. Bugs fixed (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

1082681 - RHEV-M displays and uses the same values for hypervisor cores regardless of cluster setting for "Count Threads as Cores"
1140462 - UI crash when configure hosted-engine with unreachable path
1141543 - [scale] - getdisksvmguid hit the performance due to all_disks_including_snapshots view
1171724 - [PPC] Mismatch in CPU pinning support
1171725 - [engine-backend] resizing a disk attached to a paused VM leaves the image LOCKED
1174812 - [engine-backend] SQLException while starting a VM which was stateless before and had a disk attached to it while it was in stateless
1174814 - [RFE] Generate sysprep answers file with name matching the version of Windows
1174815 - Can't run VM with error: CanDoAction of action RunVm failed. Reasons:VAR__ACTION__RUN,VAR__TYPE__VM,ACTION_TYPE_FAILED_O BJECT_LOCKED
1174816 - Host pending resources are not cleared after migration canceling.
1174817 - Pending resources are not cleared when network exception occurs.
1175137 - [RHEL7][log-collector]  Missing some info from host's archive due to sos 3 refactoring
1175289 - rhevm-setup-plugins is missing some dependencies
1176546 - [ImportDomain] VM with no disks should be part of the OVF_STORE disk
1176552 - [ImportDomain] The attach operation should issue a warning, if the Storage Domain is already attached to another Data Center in another setup
1176578 - already provided old password is used to connect to ISCSI target although a different password was provided in a newly added connection
1177138 - Live deletion of a snapshot (live merge) is blocked(CDA) when attempting the removal from snapshot overview
1177220 - RHEV: Failed to Delete First snapshot with live merge
1177221 - [JSONRPC]Live merge - failed to delete snapshot on 2nd attempt - first attempt was interrupted with shutdown of vm
1177222 - [Block storage] Basic Live Merge after Delete Snapshot fails
1178646 - [ImportDomain] Engine should add a CDA validation when trying to attach an imported Storage Domain to an un-initalized Data Center
1181585 - [hosted-engine] Bad check of iso image permission
1181586 - engine-setup unconditionally enables the engine if ran on dwh on separate host
1181639 - DWH log does not show message when it closes due to DisconnectDWH flag on engine
1181642 - If connection to DB fails , the job that checks DisconnectDwh flag does not reconnect to engine db
1181678 - [scale] Data Center crashing and contending forever due to missing pvs. All SDs are Unknown/Inactive.
1181681 - Add rest API to support warning for attached Storage Domains on attach or import of Storage Domain
1181691 - Issues with rename
1181695 - Issues with rename
1182125 - Rebase to 5.5 aggregated war package with bug fixes.
1182158 - [RFE][ImportDomain] Add support for importing Block Storage Domain using REST-api
1182779 - [engine-backend] [iSCSI multipath] Cannot edit iSCSI multipath bond while iSCSI SD is in maintenance
1183298 - [engine-backend] NullPointerException when executing AddDiskCommand on a newly creates storage domain with N/A available space
1184716 - CVE-2015-0237 vdsm: Users attempting a live storage migration create snapshot without snapshot creation permissions
1184807 - Storage thresholds should not be inclusive
1185050 - failure of master migration on deactivation will leave domain locked
1185613 - Bad error when adding vm to pool with low space on storage domain
1185614 - faulty storage allocation checks when adding a vm to a pool
1185619 - External Keystone Connection Fails to Juno-based OpenStack
1185633 - [scale] [storage] ConnectStorageServer failed - The thread pool is out of limit (engine finish its thread pool)
1185666 - Change message when importing a data domain to an unsupported version
1186371 - Import of non data Storage Domains (specifically export domain) should not call engine query for web warning
1186372 - Failure for calling internal query GetExistingStorageDomainList will cause an NPE
1186375 - [RFE][engine-backend][HC] - add the possibility to import existing Gluster and POSIXFS export domains
1186410 - [JSON] Force extend block domain, in JSONRPC, using a "dirty" LUN, fails
1187985 - [RFE] Add default-options to iDrac7 Fencing agent in RHEVM
1188326 - [engine-iso-uploader] engine-iso-uploader does not work with Local ISO domain
1188971 - ENGINE_HEAP_MAX default value as 1G must be changed
1189085 - CVE-2015-0257 ovirt-engine-dwh: incorrect permissions on plugin file containing passwords
1190466 - HEAP_MAX default value as 1G must be changed
1190636 - [hosted-engine] [iSCSI support] connectStoragePools fails with "SSLError: The read operation timed out" while adding a new host to the setup
1191169 - Extra leap second on 30th of June 2015
1191466 - Using "iSCSI Bond", host does not disconnect from iSCSI targets
1191729 - [3.5_6.6] - VM fails to start in snapshot preview mode with a RAM snapshot
1192014 - RHEV-M managed firewall blocks NFS rpc.statd notifications
1192462 - [RFE][HC] make override of iptables configurable when using hosted-engine
1192931 - Rebase ovirt-hosted-engine-ha to upstream 1.2.5
1192937 - Rebase ovirt-hosted-engine-setup to upstream 1.2.2
1192945 - Rebase rhevm-log-collector to upstream 3.5.1
1192954 - Can not restore backup file to rhevm with non-default lc_messages
1194272 - [RFE] finer grained user permissions/roles on snapshots and live storage migration
1194344 - Exception raised while selected report User's Spice Sessions Monthly Activity
1194394 - Unable to authenticate if user is using http://indeed-id.com/index.html solution for authentication.
1194600 - Upgrade rhevm-iso-uploader to upstream ovirt-iso-uploader 3.5.1
1195000 - Locked snapshot prevents VM's basic operations, after it's disk was removed
1195030 - Changing rpc to 'json-rpc' fails with, "Operation Failed: [Internal Engine Error]", due to errors on character encoding
1195114 - Engine does not filter duplicate action on the same entity
1195115 - REST API Host install action - the option to override firewall definitions should be added
1195117 - Power management test with non approved host
1195119 - [backend] [NPE] Adding permission to an object fails if DEBUG level is set
1196136 - Engine-setup should support cleaning of zombie commands before upgrade
1197616 - Template creation stuck after upgrade
1198248 - [performance] bad getVMList output creates unnecessary calls from Engine
1199812 - Configure new user role dialog: faulty rendering due to javascript exception (missing "ActionGroup___DISK_LIVE_STORAGE_MIGRATION")
1202334 - Setup validation: Failed to clear zombie tasks after upgrade
1209131 - "VdcBLLException: NO_UP_SERVER_FOUND" in seen in engine logs

6. Package List:

RHEV-M 3.5:



These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security.  Our key and
details on how to verify the signature are available from

7. References:


8. Contact:

The Red Hat security contact is <secalert@redhat.com>. More contact
details at https://access.redhat.com/security/team/contact/

Copyright 2015 Red Hat, Inc.
Version: GnuPG v1


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