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             AUSCERT External Security Bulletin Redistribution

        HPESBHF03763 rev.1 - HPE Comware 7, IMC, VCX products using
                  OpenSSL, Remote Denial of Service (DoS)
                               2 August 2017


        AusCERT Security Bulletin Summary

Product:           HP Comware 7, IMC and VCX products
Publisher:         Hewlett-Packard
Operating System:  Network Appliance
Impact/Access:     Denial of Service -- Remote/Unauthenticated
Resolution:        Patch/Upgrade
CVE Names:         CVE-2016-2177  

Reference:         ASB-2017.0005

Original Bulletin: 

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Document ID: hpesbhf03763en_us

Version: 1
HPESBHF03763 rev.1 - HPE Comware 7, IMC, VCX products using OpenSSL,
Remote Denial of Service (DoS)
NOTICE: The information in this Security Bulletin should be acted upon as
soon as possible.

Release Date: 2017-08-02

Last Updated: 2017-08-02

Potential Security Impact: Remote: Denial of Service (DoS)

Source: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPE Product Security Response Team


A potential security vulnerability has been identified in Comware 7, IMC,
VCX products using OpenSSL. The vulnerability could be remotely exploited
to allow a denial of service.

References: CVE-2016-2177 - OpenSSL

SUPPORTED SOFTWARE VERSIONS*: ONLY impacted versions are listed.

    Comware v7 (CW7) Products See resolution section for impacted versions
    HP Intelligent Management Center (iMC) See resolution section for
    impacted versions
    VCX Products 9.8.19


CVSS Version 3.0 and Version 2.0 Base Metrics

Reference	V3 Vector					V3 Base Score	V2 Vector			V2 Base Score
CVE-2016-2177	CVSS:3.0/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:L/I:L/A:L	7.3		(AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:P)	7.5
Information on CVSS is documented in HPE Customer Notice: HPSN-2008-002


HPE has provided the following software updates to resolve the vulnerability
in Comware 7, IMC PLAT, and VCX.

Note: The following products are impacted by this issue

COMWARE 7 Products

    12500 (Comware 7) - Version: R7377P02
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JC072B HP 12500 Main Processing Unit
	    JC085A HP A12518 Switch Chassis
	    JC086A HP A12508 Switch Chassis
	    JC652A HP 12508 DC Switch Chassis
	    JC653A HP 12518 DC Switch Chassis
	    JC654A HP 12504 AC Switch Chassis
	    JC655A HP 12504 DC Switch Chassis
	    JF430A HP A12518 Switch Chassis
	    JF430B HP 12518 Switch Chassis
	    JF430C HP 12518 AC Switch Chassis
	    JF431A HP A12508 Switch Chassis
	    JF431B HP 12508 Switch Chassis
	    JF431C HP 12508 AC Switch Chassis
	    JG497A HP 12500 MPU w/Comware V7 OS
	    JG782A HP FF 12508E AC Switch Chassis
	    JG783A HP FF 12508E DC Switch Chassis
	    JG784A HP FF 12518E AC Switch Chassis
	    JG785A HP FF 12518E DC Switch Chassis
	    JG802A HP FF 12500E MPU

    10500 (Comware 7) - Version: R7184
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JC611A HP 10508-V Switch Chassis
	    JC612A HP 10508 Switch Chassis
	    JC613A HP 10504 Switch Chassis
	    JC748A HP 10512 Switch Chassis
	    JG608A HP FlexFabric 11908-V Switch Chassis
	    JG609A HP FlexFabric 11900 Main Processing Unit
	    JG820A HP 10504 TAA Switch Chassis
	    JG821A HP 10508 TAA Switch Chassis
	    JG822A HP 10508-V TAA Switch Chassis
	    JG823A HP 10512 TAA Switch Chassis
	    JG496A HP 10500 Type A MPU w/Comware v7 OS
	    JH198A HP 10500 Type D Main Processing Unit with Comware v7
	    Operating System
	    JH206A HP 10500 Type D TAA-compliant with Comware v7 Operating
	    System Main Processing Unit

    5900/5920 (Comware 7) - Version: R2432
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JC772A HP 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP+ Switch
	    JG296A HP 5920AF-24XG Switch
	    JG336A HP 5900AF-48XGT-4QSFP+ Switch
	    JG510A HP 5900AF-48G-4XG-2QSFP+ Switch
	    JG554A HP 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP+ TAA Switch
	    JG555A HP 5920AF-24XG TAA Switch
	    JG838A HP FF 5900CP-48XG-4QSFP+ Switch
	    JH036A HP FlexFabric 5900CP 48XG 4QSFP+ TAA-Compliant
	    JH037A HP 5900AF 48XGT 4QSFP+ TAA-Compliant Switch
	    JH038A HP 5900AF 48G 4XG 2QSFP+ TAA-Compliant

    MSR1000 (Comware 7) - Version: R0306P80
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG875A HP MSR1002-4 AC Router
	    JH060A HP MSR1003-8S AC Router

    MSR2000 (Comware 7) - Version: R0306P80
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG411A HP MSR2003 AC Router
	    JG734A HP MSR2004-24 AC Router
	    JG735A HP MSR2004-48 Router
	    JG866A HP MSR2003 TAA-compliant AC Router

    MSR3000 (Comware 7) - Version: R0306P80
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG404A HP MSR3064 Router
	    JG405A HP MSR3044 Router
	    JG406A HP MSR3024 AC Router
	    JG407A HP MSR3024 DC Router
	    JG408A HP MSR3024 PoE Router
	    JG409A HP MSR3012 AC Router
	    JG410A HP MSR3012 DC Router
	    JG861A HP MSR3024 TAA-compliant AC Router

    MSR4000 (Comware 7) - Version: R0306P80
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG402A HP MSR4080 Router Chassis
	    JG403A HP MSR4060 Router Chassis
	    JG412A HP MSR4000 MPU-100 Main Processing Unit
	    JG869A HP MSR4000 TAA-compliant MPU-100 Main Processing Unit

    VSR (Comware 7) - Version: E0324
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG810AAE HP VSR1001 Virtual Services Router 60 Day Evaluation
	    JG811AAE HP VSR1001 Comware 7 Virtual Services Router
	    JG812AAE HP VSR1004 Comware 7 Virtual Services Router
	    JG813AAE HP VSR1008 Comware 7 Virtual Services Router

    7900 (Comware 7) - Version: R2152
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG682A HP FlexFabric 7904 Switch Chassis
	    JG841A HP FlexFabric 7910 Switch Chassis
	    JG842A HP FlexFabric 7910 7.2Tbps Fabric / Main Processing Unit
	    JH001A HP FlexFabric 7910 2.4Tbps Fabric / Main Processing Unit
	    JH122A HP FlexFabric 7904 TAA-compliant Switch Chassis
	    JH123A HP FlexFabric 7910 TAA-compliant Switch Chassis
	    JH124A HP FlexFabric 7910 7.2Tbps TAA-compliant Fabric/Main
	    Processing Unit
	    JH125A HP FlexFabric 7910 2.4Tbps TAA-compliant Fabric/Main
	    Processing Unit

    5130EI (Comware 7) - Version: R3115P05
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG932A HP 5130-24G-4SFP+ EI Switch
	    JG933A HP 5130-24G-SFP-4SFP+ EI Switch
	    JG934A HP 5130-48G-4SFP+ EI Switch
	    JG936A HP 5130-24G-PoE+-4SFP+ (370W) EI Switch
	    JG937A HP 5130-48G-PoE+-4SFP+ (370W) EI Switch
	    JG938A HP 5130-24G-2SFP+-2XGT EI Switch
	    JG939A HP 5130-48G-2SFP+-2XGT EI Switch
	    JG940A HP 5130-24G-PoE+-2SFP+-2XGT (370W) EI Switch
	    JG941A HP 5130-48G-PoE+-2SFP+-2XGT (370W) EI Switch
	    JG975A HP 5130-24G-4SFP+ EI Brazil Switch
	    JG976A HP 5130-48G-4SFP+ EI Brazil Switch
	    JG977A HP 5130-24G-PoE+-4SFP+ (370W) EI Brazil Switch
	    JG978A HP 5130-48G-PoE+-4SFP+ (370W) EI Brazil Switch

    6125XLG - Version: R2432
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    711307-B21 HP 6125XLG Blade Switch
	    737230-B21 HP 6125XLG Blade Switch with TAA

    6127XLG - Version: R2432
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    787635-B21 HP 6127XLG Blade Switch Opt Kit
	    787635-B22 HP 6127XLG Blade Switch with TAA

    Moonshot - Version: R2432
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    786617-B21 - HP Moonshot-45Gc Switch Module
	    704654-B21 - HP Moonshot-45XGc Switch Module
	    786619-B21 - HP Moonshot-180XGc Switch Module

    5700 (Comware 7) - Version: R2432
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG894A HP FlexFabric 5700-48G-4XG-2QSFP+ Switch
	    JG895A HP FlexFabric 5700-48G-4XG-2QSFP+ TAA-compliant Switch
	    JG896A HP FlexFabric 5700-40XG-2QSFP+ Switch
	    JG897A HP FlexFabric 5700-40XG-2QSFP+ TAA-compliant Switch
	    JG898A HP FlexFabric 5700-32XGT-8XG-2QSFP+ Switch
	    JG899A HP FlexFabric 5700-32XGT-8XG-2QSFP+ TAA-compliant Switch

    5930 (Comware 7) - Version: R2432
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG726A HP FlexFabric 5930 32QSFP+ Switch
	    JG727A HP FlexFabric 5930 32QSFP+ TAA-compliant Switch
	    JH178A HP FlexFabric 5930 2QSFP+ 2-slot Switch
	    JH179A HP FlexFabric 5930 4-slot Switch
	    JH187A HP FlexFabric 5930 2QSFP+ 2-slot TAA-compliant Switch
	    JH188A HP FlexFabric 5930 4-slot TAA-compliant Switch

    1950 (Comware 7) - Version: R3115P06
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG960A HP 1950-24G-4XG Switch
	    JG961A HP 1950-48G-2SFP+-2XGT Switch
	    JG962A HP 1950-24G-2SFP+-2XGT-PoE+(370W) Switch
	    JG963A HP 1950-48G-2SFP+-2XGT-PoE+(370W) Switch

    7500 (Comware 7) - Version: R7184
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JD238C HP 7510 Switch Chassis
	    JD239C HP 7506 Switch Chassis
	    JD240C HP 7503 Switch Chassis
	    JD242C HP 7502 Switch Chassis
	    JH207A HP 7500 1.2Tbps Fabric with 2-port 40GbE QSFP+ for
	    IRF-Only Main Processing Unit
	    JH208A HP 7502 Main Processing Unit
	    JH209A HP 7500 2.4Tbps Fabric with 8-port 1/10GbE SFP+ and
	    2-port 40GbE QSFP+ Main Processing Unit

    5510HI (Comware 7) - Version: R1121P01
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JH145A HPE 5510 24G 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch
	    JH146A HPE 5510 48G 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch
	    JH147A HPE 5510 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch
	    JH148A HPE 5510 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch
	    JH149A HPE 5510 24G SFP 4SFP+ HI 1-slot Switch

    5130HI (Comware 7) - Version: R1121P02
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JH323A HPE 5130 24G 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch
	    JH324A HPE 5130 48G 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch
	    JH325A HPE 5130 24G PoE+ 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch
	    JH326A HPE 5130 48G PoE+ 4SFP+ 1-slot HI Switch

    5940 (Comware 7) - Version: R2509P02
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JH390A HPE FlexFabric 5940 48SFP+ 6QSFP28 Switch
	    JH391A HPE FlexFabric 5940 48XGT 6QSFP28 Switch
	    JH394A HPE FlexFabric 5940 48XGT 6QSFP+ Switch
	    JH395A HPE FlexFabric 5940 48SFP+ 6QSFP+ Switch
	    JH396A HPE FlexFabric 5940 32QSFP+ Switch
	    JH397A HPE FlexFabric 5940 2-slot Switch
	    JH398A HPE FlexFabric 5940 4-slot Switch

    5950 (Comware 7) - Version: R6123
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JH321A HPE FlexFabric 5950 32QSFP28 Switch
	    JH402A HPE FlexFabric 5950 48SFP28 8QSFP28 Switch
	    JH404A HPE FlexFabric 5950 4-slot Switch

    12900E (Comware 7) - Version: R2609
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JG619A HP FlexFabric 12910 Switch AC Chassis
	    JG621A HP FlexFabric 12910 Main Processing Unit
	    JG632A HP FlexFabric 12916 Switch AC Chassis
	    JG634A HP FlexFabric 12916 Main Processing Unit
	    JH104A HP FlexFabric 12900E Main Processing Unit
	    JH114A HP FlexFabric 12910 TAA-compliant Main Processing Unit
	    JH263A HP FlexFabric 12904E Main Processing Unit
	    JH255A HP FlexFabric 12908E Switch Chassis
	    JH262A HP FlexFabric 12904E Switch Chassis
	    JH113A HP FlexFabric 12910 TAA-compliant Switch AC Chassis
	    JH103A HP FlexFabric 12916E Switch Chassis

    iNode PC 7.2 (E0410) - Version: 7.2 E0410
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    JD144A HP A-IMC User Access Management Software Module with
	    200-user License
	    JD147A HP IMC Endpoint Admission Defense Software Module with
	    200-user License
	    JD435A HP A-IMC Endpoint Admission Defense Client Software
	    JF388A HP IMC User Authentication Management Software Module
	    with 200-user License
	    JF388AAE HP IMC User Authentication Management Software Module
	    with 200-user E-LTU
	    JF391A HP IMC Endpoint Admission Defense Software Module with
	    200-user License
	    JF391AAE HP IMC Endpoint Admission Defense Software Module
	    with 200-user E-LTU
	    JG752AAE HP IMC User Access Manager Software Module with
	    50-user E-LTU
	    JG754AAE) HP IMC Endpoint Admission Defense Software Module
	    with 50-user E-LTU

    iMC UAM_TAM 7.2-E0409 - Version: 7.2 E0409
	HPE Branded Products Impacted

    VCX - Version: 9.8.19
	HPE Branded Products Impacted
	    J9672A HP VCX V7205 Platform w/ DL360 G7 Srvr
	    J9668A HP VCX IPC V7005 Pltfrm w/ DL120 G6 Srvr
	    JC517A HP VCX V7205 Platform w/DL 360 G6 Server
	    JE355A HP VCX V6000 Branch Platform 9.0
	    JC516A HP VCX V7005 Platform w/DL 120 G6 Server
	    JC518A HP VCX Connect 200 Primry 120 G6 Server
	    J9669A HP VCX IPC V7310 Pltfrm w/ DL360 G7 Srvr
	    JE341A HP VCX Connect 100 Secondary
	    JE252A HP VCX Connect Primary MIM Module
	    JE253A HP VCX Connect Secondary MIM Module
	    JE254A HP VCX Branch MIM Module
	    JE355A HP VCX V6000 Branch Platform 9.0
	    JD028A HP MS30-40 RTR w/VCX + T1/FXO/FXS/Mod
	    JD023A HP MSR30-40 Router with VCX MIM Module
	    JD024A HP MSR30-16 RTR w/VCX Ent Br Com MIM
	    JD025A HP MSR30-16 RTR w/VCX + 4FXO/2FXS Mod
	    JD026A HP MSR30-16 RTR w/VCX + 8FXO/4FXS Mod
	    JD027A HP MSR30-16 RTR w/VCX + 8BRI/4FXS Mod
	    JD029A HP MSR30-16 RTR w/VCX + E1/4BRI/4FXS
	    JE340A HP VCX Connect 100 Pri Server 9.0
	    JE342A HP VCX Connect 100 Sec Server 9.0

Note: Please contact HPE Technical Support if any assistance is needed
acquiring the software updates.

Version:1 (rev.1) - 1 August 2017 Initial release

Third Party Security Patches: Third party security patches that are
to be installed on systems running Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
software products should be applied in accordance with the customer's
patch management policy.

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Bulletin, contact normal HPE Services support channel. For other issues about
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OV = OpenVMS
PV = ProCurve
ST = Storage Software

System management and security procedures must be reviewed frequently to
maintain system integrity. HPE is continually reviewing and enhancing the
security features of software products to provide customers with current
secure solutions.

"HPE is broadly distributing this Security Bulletin in order to bring
to the attention of users of the affected HPE products the important
security information contained in this Bulletin. HPE recommends that all
users determine the applicability of this information to their individual
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