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             AUSCERT External Security Bulletin Redistribution

             SUSE-SU-2020:1353-1 Security update for freetype2
                                22 May 2020


        AusCERT Security Bulletin Summary

Product:           freetype2
Publisher:         SUSE
Operating System:  SUSE
Impact/Access:     Denial of Service -- Remote with User Interaction
Resolution:        Patch/Upgrade
CVE Names:         CVE-2018-6942  

Reference:         ESB-2018.0466

Original Bulletin: 

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SUSE Security Update: Security update for freetype2


Announcement ID:   SUSE-SU-2020:1353-1
Rating:            moderate
References:        #1079603 #1091109
Cross-References:  CVE-2018-6942
Affected Products:
                   SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Basesystem 15-SP1

An update that solves one vulnerability and has one errata is now available.


This update for freetype2 to version 2.10.1 fixes the following issues:
Security issue fixed:

  o CVE-2018-6942: Fixed a NULL pointer dereference within ttinerp.c (bsc#

Non-security issues fixed:

  o Update to version 2.10.1 * The bytecode hinting of OpenType variation fonts
    was flawed, since the data in the `CVAR' table wasn't correctly applied. *
    Auto-hinter support for Mongolian. * The handling of the default character
    in PCF fonts as introduced in version 2.10.0 was partially broken, causing
    premature abortion of charmap iteration for many fonts. * If
    `FT_Set_Named_Instance' was called with the same arguments twice in a row,
    the function returned an incorrect error code the second time. * Direct
    rendering using FT_RASTER_FLAG_DIRECT crashed (bug introduced in version
    2.10.0). * Increased precision while computing OpenType font variation
    instances. * The flattening algorithm of cubic Bezier curves was slightly
    changed to make it faster. This can cause very subtle rendering changes,
    which aren't noticeable by the eye, however. * The auto-hinter now disables
    hinting if there are blue zones defined for a `style' (i.e., a certain
    combination of a script and its related typographic features) but the font
    doesn't contain any characters needed to set up at least one blue zone.
  o Add tarball signatures and freetype2.keyring

  o Update to version 2.10.0 * A bunch of new functions has been added to
    access and process COLR/CPAL data of OpenType fonts with color-layered
    glyphs. * As a GSoC 2018 project, Nikhil Ramakrishnan completely overhauled
    and modernized the API reference. * The logic for computing the global
    ascender, descender, and height of OpenType fonts has been slightly
    adjusted for consistency. * `TT_Set_MM_Blend' could fail if called
    repeatedly with the same arguments. * The precision of handling deltas in
    Variation Fonts has been increased.The problem did only show up with
    multidimensional designspaces. * New function `FT_Library_SetLcdGeometry'
    to set up the geometry of LCD subpixels. * FreeType now uses the
    `defaultChar' property of PCF fonts to set the glyph for the undefined
    character at glyph index 0 (as FreeType already does for all other
    supported font formats). As a consequence, the order of glyphs of a PCF
    font if accessed with FreeType can be different now compared to previous
    versions. This change doesn't affect PCF font access with cmaps. *
    `FT_Select_Charmap' has been changed to allow parameter value
    `FT_ENCODING_NONE', which is valid for BDF, PCF, and Windows FNT formats to
    access built-in cmaps that don't have a predefined `FT_Encoding' value. * A
    previously reserved field in the `FT_GlyphSlotRec' structure now holds the
    glyph index. * The usual round of fuzzer bug fixes to better reject
    malformed fonts. * `FT_Outline_New_Internal' and `FT_Outline_Done_Internal'
    have been removed.These two functions were public by oversight only and
    were never documented. * A new function `FT_Error_String' returns
    descriptions of error codes if configuration macro
    FT_CONFIG_OPTION_ERROR_STRINGS is defined. * `FT_Set_MM_WeightVector' and
    `FT_Get_MM_WeightVector' are new functions limited to Adobe MultiMaster
    fonts to directly set and get the weight vector.

  o Enable subpixel rendering with infinality config:

  o Re-enable freetype-config, there is just too many fallouts.

  o Update to version 2.9.1 * Type 1 fonts containing flex features were not
    rendered correctly (bug introduced in version 2.9). * CVE-2018-6942: Older
    FreeType versions can crash with certain malformed variation fonts. * Bug
    fix: Multiple calls to `FT_Get_MM_Var' returned garbage. * Emboldening of
    bitmaps didn't work correctly sometimes, showing various artifacts (bug
    introduced in version 2.8.1). * The auto-hinter script ranges have been
    updated for Unicode 11. No support for new scripts have been added,
    however, with the exception of Georgian Mtavruli.
  o freetype-config is now deprecated by upstream and not enabled by default.

  o Update to version 2.10.1 * The `ftmulti' demo program now supports multiple
    hidden axes with the same name tag. * `ftview', `ftstring', and `ftgrid'
    got a `-k' command line option to emulate a sequence of keystrokes at
    start-up. * `ftview', `ftstring', and `ftgrid' now support screen dumping
    to a PNG file. * The bytecode debugger, `ttdebug', now supports variation
    TrueType fonts; a variation font instance can be selected with the new `-d'
    command line option.
  o Add tarball signatures and freetype2.keyring

  o Update to version 2.10.0 * The `ftdump' demo program has new options `-c'
    and `-C' to display charmaps in compact and detailed format, respectively.
    Option `-V' has been removed. * The `ftview', `ftstring', and `ftgrid' demo
    programs use a new command line option `-d' to specify the program window's
    width, height, and color depth. * The `ftview' demo program now displays
    red boxes for zero-width glyphs. * `ftglyph' has limited support to display
    fonts with color-layered glyphs.This will be improved later on. * `ftgrid'
    can now display bitmap fonts also. * The `ttdebug' demo program has a new
    option `-f' to select a member of a TrueType collection (TTC). * Other
    various improvements to the demo programs.

  o Remove "Supplements: fonts-config" to avoid accidentally pulling in Qt
    dependencies on some non-Qt based desktops.(bsc#1091109) fonts-config is
    fundamental but ft2demos seldom installs by end users. only fonts-config
    maintainers/debuggers may use ft2demos along to debug some issues.

  o Update to version 2.9.1 * No changelog upstream.

Patch Instructions:

To install this SUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended installation
methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

  o SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Basesystem 15-SP1:
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Basesystem-15-SP1-2020-1353=1

Package List:

  o SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Basesystem 15-SP1 (aarch64 ppc64le s390x
  o SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Basesystem 15-SP1 (x86_64):


  o https://www.suse.com/security/cve/CVE-2018-6942.html
  o https://bugzilla.suse.com/1079603
  o https://bugzilla.suse.com/1091109

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