//Events - 15 April 2021 1:00PM

Protecting Higher Ed at Scale: The University of Queensland’s Duo Story

Join us and tune into the following joint Duo - UQ (AusCERT) webinar: 

April 14, 11:00pm EDT | April 15, 1:00pm AEST

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the University of Queensland focused on secure remote access as a key step in their zero-trust journey
  • How Duo helped the University quickly roll out to thousands of users, with fewer help tickets than anticipated
  • What lessons were learned through the rollout process



Securing the people, systems, and intellectual assets in a higher education organisation is no small task. Few organizations defend these resources on the same scale as the University of Queensland, with a student base of over 50,000 supported by more than 7,500 staff. With a population and list of assets this large, focusing resources on the most effective defense is paramount, especially as the changing role of IT, growth in remote access, and an ever-increasing attack surface continually impact the playing field for security teams building a defense strategy.

Recognizing that perimeter-focused security isn’t enough, the University of Queensland has begun to adopt some tenets of zero-trust philosophy. One foundational element of this shift was securing remote access with strong MFA, for which the University chose Duo Security as their tool of choice to protect VPN, SSO, and other critical apps. Duo provides out-of-band MFA to validate a user’s identity, as well as perform an on-the-spot device health check and enforce access rules based on that health to determine whether or not a user can reach the resource.

Join Dan Boucaut from Cisco and Ganesh Umapathy from Cisco Duo Security on 15 April for an in-depth discussion with Dr. David Stockdale of the University of Queensland and AusCERT to hear more, and learn why Duo was the right choice for their organisation!