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AusCERT Conference

The annual AusCERT conference is Australia's best cyber security event for anyone with an interest in cyber and information security.

AusCERT PKI certificate service

The AusCERT Certificate Service offers PKI certificates for people, servers and software for Australian and New Zealand education and research organisations.

AusCERT Vision & Mission Statement

AusCERT is the trusted cyber emergency response team for the Australian information economy, providing valued incident prevention and detection.

2016 Cyber Security Survey Results

People, processes and practices the key to improved cyber security

Key Results


Businesses today understand that protecting their tangible assets is fundamental for survival. When it comes to cyber security, it is no different. Digital assets, such as customer data, intellectual property, financial plans and general ledgers, staff records and payroll data, and transaction logs and machine data are often the building blocks of many modern businesses.

With this in mind, the need for a robust and tailored approach to continually strengthening a business’s resilience against cyber risks must be considered as part of its approach to risk management. The size of the business, its industry and its location do not matter – it must be protected.

The inaugural 2016 Cyber Security Survey queried Australian and New Zealand businesses to gather representative benchmark data on their cyber security strategies. We received strong support from industry, with more than 400 respondents across a variety of industry sectors. The value of the benchmark data we have obtained with industry’s support in 2016 is significant. It not only provides a snapshot of the current state of the cyber landscape in Australia and New Zealand, but it also allows businesses to conduct local benchmarking, which we believe is essential for thorough cyber resilience planning.

Using the information in the survey results you can consider how your business compares to others in the same sector and gain an understanding of the types of cyber security incidents business have experienced and are concerned about for the coming year.

The survey results can be downloaded from BDO's website.