//Member information - 5 Nov 2021

Using the API (Malicious URL feed)


We now encourage automated access to the site to be done via our API. Only members may use our API.

Generating an API key

After logging in to the site, you will see the link ‘Generate an API key’ in the member portal. Click it and an API key will be generated. This is linked to your user account.

Example code

Example API usage code will be shown underneath your new key in both bash/curl and Python.

API endpoints

  • /api/v1/malurl/combo-1-txt
  • /api/v1/malurl/combo-7-txt
  • /api/v1/malurl/phishing-1-txt
  • /api/v1/malurl/phishing-7-txt
  • /api/v1/malurl/malware-1-txt
  • /api/v1/malurl/malware-7-txt

Each endpoint can also generate XML instead of txt, just by replacing the ‘txt’ part with ‘xml’,
e.g. /api/v1/malurl/combo-7-xml

1 means 1 day, 7 means 7 days