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Security Bulletin Types

There are two types of AusCERT security bulletins - AusCERT Security Bulletins and AusCERT External Security Bulletins.

Up until 2010, AusCERT classified bulletins according to the following categories: Alert, Advisory, Update and External Security Bulletin. You will still see references to these categories if looking through the AusCERT archives.

Further Categories
AusCERT Update: Updates provide additional information or corrections to an existing Security Bulletin. They are a mechanism for quick release of important information in a less structured way. Updates are often member-only access.

AusCERT Alert: Alerts contain information about threats and vulnerabilities of an urgent nature. Alerts may include material already published by third parties.

AusCERT Advisory: Advisories are Security Bulletins that are written by AusCERT to provide information to members about vulnerabilities and/or threat activity. Advisories are often member-only access.

AusCERT Security Bulletin: AusCERT Security Bulletins are security bulletins written by AusCERT. These bulletins are usually based on research by other sources (referenced) but may not be available in a single easy to read format.

AusCERT External Security Bulletin: External Security Bulletins are security bulletins by other computer security incident response teams, vendors, and other groups concerned about security that AusCERT redistributes or references (with permission).

Further Information
AusCERT Bulletin Formats - This page describes the formats of AusCERT's two bulletin types - Security Bulletins and External Security Bulletins. (11/06/2009)

denotes AusCERT member only content.