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Security Bulletins

AusCERT Security Bulletins contain information about threats, vulnerabilities, patches and workarounds of an IT security nature that AusCERT believes would be of interest to our members (and the public).

See AusCERT Security Bulletin Formats for further information about standard fields and information included in AusCERT Security Bulletins.

Note 1: Not all Security Bulletins are made public upon initial release. Members may need to login to view some recent Security Bulletins, particularly AusCERT Advisories, Alerts and Updates.

Note 2: Security Bulletins from before mid 2000 may not be fully categorised. However all AusCERT Security Bulletins since the start of AusCERT are available through this site.

Further Categories
By Year: Select this category to browse Security Bulletins by year.

Security Bulletin Types: There are two types of AusCERT security bulletins - AusCERT Security Bulletins and AusCERT External Security Bulletins.

By Operating System/Environment: Select this category to browse Security Bulletins by Operating System/Environment.

Further Information
ESB-2007.0246 -- [UNIX/Linux][RedHat] -- Moderate: freetype security update - (17/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0245 -- [UNIX/Linux][RedHat] -- Moderate: cups security update - (17/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0108 -- [HP-UX] -- HP-UX Running ARPA Transport, Local Denial of Service (DoS) - (17/04/2007)

ESB-2006.0301 -- [Win][Linux][HP-UX][Solaris][AIX] -- Sun Java System Directory Server: Denial of Service May Occur Due to Large Memory Allocation for Specific LDAP Requests - (17/04/2007)

AA-2007.0026 -- [UNIX/Linux] -- FreeRADIUS EAP-TTLS denial of service vulnerability - If the EAP-TTLS protocol is being used for 802.1x authentication, an unauthenticated attacker may cause a denial of service. (16/04/2007)

AA-2007.0025 -- [Win][UNIX/Linux] -- IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager 4.1 password disclosure vulnerability - Users of the system may gain unauthorised access to Tivoli administrative accounts and PostgreSQL database accounts. (16/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0224 -- [Solaris] -- Security Vulnerability in the SEAM Kerberized telnetd(1M) Daemon - (16/04/2007)

AA-2007.0024 -- [HP-UX][Solaris][AIX] -- OpenLDAP 2.3.35 fixes ldapi:// vulnerability on HP-UX, Solaris and AIX systems - An unprivileged user may bind to the LDAP server with the credentials of the UNIX root user. (16/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0243 -- [Linux][FreeBSD][Solaris] -- Opera update available for vulnerability with Adobe Flash Player and Opera browser on Linux and Solaris - (13/04/2007)

AA-2007.0023 -- [Win][OSX] -- Adobe multiple products - Bridge 1.0.4 update fixes critical vulnerability - Adobe Bridge is a component supplied with many Adobe applications. Two separate vulnerabilities have been reported. (13/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0242 -- [HP-UX] -- Hewlett Packard HP-UX Remote pfs_mountd.rpc Buffer Overflow Vulnerability - (13/04/2007)

AL-2007.0046 -- [Cisco] -- Multiple Vulnerabilities in the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller and Cisco Lightweight Access Points - Multiple vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to gain full administrative access or result in a denial of service, information disclosure, or access control list changes. (13/04/2007)

AL-2007.0045 -- [Win][Linux] -- Multiple Vulnerabilities in the Cisco Wireless Control System - Cisco WCS contains multiple vulnerabilities that can result in unauthorized access through fixed authentication credentials, information disclosure and privilege escalation. (13/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0240 -- [Win][UNIX/Linux] -- Apache HTTPD suEXEC Multiple Vulnerabilities - (12/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0239 -- [Linux][Solaris] -- Linux and Solaris ColdFusion MX 7 file permissions vulnerability - (11/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0238 -- [Win] -- AOL AIM and ICQ File Transfer Path-Traversal Vulnerability - (11/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0236 -- [Win] -- Vulnerability in Windows Kernel Could Allow Elevation of Privilege - Due to incorrect permissions on a mapped memory segment, an attacker logged on to the computer may take complete control of the affected system. (11/04/2007)

AL-2007.0044 -- [Win] -- MS07-021 - Vulnerabilities in CSRSS Could Allow Remote Code Execution - Vulnerabilities in an essential Windows subsystem potentially allow a remote attacker to compromise affected computers when a user visits a malicious web page. (11/04/2007)

AL-2007.0043 -- [Win] -- MS07-020 - Vulnerability in Microsoft Agent Could Allow Remote Code Execution - An attacker could execute arbitrary code when a specially crafted URL is supplied to the Microsoft Agent ActiveX control. This may potentially be used to remotely compromise vulnerable systems if a user visits a malicious web page. (11/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0237 -- [Win] -- MS07-018 - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Content Management Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution - Two vulnerabilities in CMS potentially allow remote compromise, client script injection and HTTP cache poisoning. (11/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0235 -- [Win] -- MS07-019 - Vulnerability in Universal Plug and Play Could Allow Remote Code Execution - An attacker on the same subnet as the target computer could exploit this vulnerability and run arbitrary code in the context of the Local Service account. (11/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0234 -- [Win] -- Yahoo! Messenger AudioConf ActiveX Control buffer overflow vulnerability - (10/04/2007)

AL-2007.0042 -- [Win] -- Microsoft additional April security bulletins pre-release announcement - Microsoft are due to release five additional security bulletins at 5am AEST on Wednesday the 11th of April. (10/04/2007)

AL-2007.0041 -- [Win][UNIX/Linux] -- Symantec Enterprise Security Manager Remote Upgrade Authentication Bypass - The Enterprise Security Manager agent software accepts remote upgrade requests from any entity without correctly authenticating these. A remote attacker may potentially gain root or Administrator privileges on computers running the agent. (10/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0233 -- [HP-UX] -- HP-UX Running CIFS Server (Samba), Remote Denial of Service (DoS) - (10/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0232 -- [UNIX/Linux][Debian] -- New man-db packages fix arbitrary code execution - (10/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0231 -- [Appliance] -- Firmware version 7.1 for AirPort Extreme Base Station with 802.11n* - (10/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0230 -- [UNIX/Linux] -- Asterisk: Two SIP Denial of Service vulnerabilities - (05/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0229 -- [VMware ESX] -- VMware ESX server security updates - (05/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0228 -- [Linux] -- Multiple Linux kernel vulnerabilities - (05/04/2007)

AA-2007.0022 -- [Win] -- Multiple vulnerabilities in Kaspersky Anitvirus and Internet Security Suite - Kaspersky has published information describing multiple vulnerabilities in the Anti-Virus 6.0 and Internet Security 6.0 products. (05/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0227 -- [UNIX/Linux][Debian] -- New XMMS packages fix arbitrary code execution - (05/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0226 -- [AIX] -- IBM AIX OpenSSH advisory - (05/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0225 -- [OpenBSD] -- OpenBSD patches for X.Org - (05/04/2007)

ESB-2007.0223 -- [AIX] -- IBM AIX Network Authentication Service advisory - (05/04/2007)

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