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Browser Bugs Galore!

Date: 18 December 2008

Click here for printable version

Over the course of the last week we've seen vulnerabilities both announced and exploited in a number of major web browsers, keeping security professionals everywhere busy.

A serious vulnerability was identified in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, versions 5.01, 6, 7, and even 8 beta which went un-patched for a number of days after the vulnerability was publicly announced. Microsoft has now pushed out updates for all affected versions of Internet Explorer as detailed in our (AL-2008.0131) bulletin from Thursday the 18th of December.

Mozilla also announced a whopping total of nine vulnerabilities in their Firefox and Seamonkey packages, and subsequently released updates for both products. Full details of these vulnerabilities can be found in our (AL-2008.0129) bulletin from Wednesday the 17th of December.

At the same time, Opera Software announced five vulnerabilities in their Opera web browser, and released a new version to combat these. Full details of these vulnerabilities can be found in our (AL-2008-0263) from Thursday the 18th of December.

If you are using any of these web browsers, we strongly recommend updating to their latest versions as soon as possible!

Don't forget, in the last month we have also launched a new free service for our members - namely ARM (AusCERT Remote Monitoring). For full details of this service, please click here.

Have a great weekend!