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News and Media

Further Information
FIRST 2005 call for papers - FIRST is a global organization which brings together one of the largest international gathering of computer security incident response teams. The annual FIRST conference not only provides a setting for teams to attend presentations and tutorials by leading experts in the CSIRT field, but also creates an opportunity for networking, collaboration, sharing of technical information and the building of trust relationships. This years conference is nearby in Singapore. (20/10/2004)

Media Release - 2004 Australian Computer Crime and Security Survey - (24/05/2004)

Security agency 'needs funds' - AusCERT in the news (20/08/2003)

Attack tool available for vulnerability in Cisco IOS routers and switches - AusCERT warned of an increased threat due to the public release of a tool to exploit the Cisco IOS vulnerability (21/07/2003)

Cisco routers and switches affected by a new vulnerability - (17/07/2003)

Web site defacement risk debated - AusCERT in the news (07/07/2003)

Media release for the 2003 Australian Computer Crime and Security Survey - (07/05/2003)

Media release - Serious sendmail vulnerability - (05/03/2003)

Media Release - Sendmail Vulnerability - “This vulnerability is particularly interesting because it has the magic combination of impacting a service that is in wide spread business use, publicly accessible and deemed an essential service resulting in the ability to control aspects of the computer’s functionality,” said Robert Mead, AusCERT’s coordination centre manager. (04/03/2003)

Business Impact Assessment - Possible Slammer hiatus - The effects of the Slammer worm were short-lived but if circumstances permit a resurgence of harmful network activity may easily occur. (30/01/2003)

Slammer worm impact short lived as victims wear egg - AusCERT in the news (29/01/2003)

Computer Security Day, Brisbane December 2, 2002 - (27/11/2002)

Impact analysis of Apache/mod_ssl worm - There are reports that the Apache/mod_ssl worm has compromised around 30,000 hosts. This article looks at some of the implications of distributed denial of service attacks that could be unleashed by compromised Slapper worm agents. (02/10/2002)

Hybrid security threats: Is your business prepared? - AusCERT in the news (24/09/2002)

Security laws useless: expert - AusCERT in the news (20/08/2002)

Terrorism, porn and racism get new impetus online - AusCERT in the news (25/07/2002)

Taking cover from attack - AusCERT in the news (25/03/2002)

Queensland cyber attack smells of vulnerability - AusCERT in the news (02/11/2001)

Bid to raise computer security - AusCERT in the news (20/09/2002)

Viruses: are you vulnerable? - AusCERT in the news (21/06/2002)

AusCERT issues warning on computer network vulnerability - (13/02/2002)

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