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AusCERT Member Forum Mailing List

Date: 21 September 2004

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The AusCERT Member Forum is a mailing list open to AusCERT members.

The AusCERT Forum mailing list is intended for the discussion of all aspects of computer and network security of relevance or intereset to AusCERT member organisations. See information at bottom for instructions to get onto the Member Forum.

  1. Posts to this list should:
    • have relevance to Australian/New Zealand sites or the Australian/New Zealand computer security community.
    • be concise and to the point. When responding to a previous post, quote only that which is necessary.
    • be polite.
    • have a subject that is adequately descriptive of the content.
    • be detailed enough to allow constructive responses.
    • be formatted in plain text with a line length less than 80 characters.
  2. Posts to this lists should not include:
    • product advertisements, either explicit or implicit.
    • non-computer/network security related material.
    • flames and offensive or otherwise inappropriate content.
    • contain attachments.
  3. It is not permitted to redistribute content from the AusCERT member forum without the expressed permission of the author.
  4. The AusCERT member forum is not moderated.
  5. Autoresponders should be configured to not reply to the list.
  6. Members who post content to the list which does not adhere to the above guidelines will be removed from the list. Additionally, AusCERT retains the right to remove subscribers from the AusCERT member forum list, without supplying a warning or reason.

Subscribing to the Member Forum List

To subscribe to the Member Forum Mailling List, please visit the signup page