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AusCERT Remote Monitoring (ARM)

Date: 25 November 2008
Related Files: Schedule 3 - ARM.pdf   AusCERT Remote Monitoring  

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AusCERT Remote Monitoring (ARM) is a member-only service to provide routine network monitoring of Internet facing computing infrastructure owned or operated by the member. This service provides AusCERT members a trusted, inexpensive mechanism to inform them of server and service outages due to equipment failure, network interruption or intruder activity. ARM is hosted at

You must be a member of AusCERT to make use of the ARM service and agree to the ARM Terms of Use in Schedule 3 - AusCERT Remote Monitoring to proceed with registration.

If you have any enquires about membership, please refer to AusCERT Membership or contact AusCERT.

ARM Service Australia and New ZealandInternational
Basic serviceUp to 25 systems FREE (included in AusCERT membership)
Service Additions Australia and New ZealandInternational
Additional SMS QuotaExtra SMS quota (Min SMS messages that may be purchased is 250; maximum is 2000) P.O.AP.O.A.

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