Why it's important

AusCERT delivers 24/7 service to members alongside a range of comprehensive tools to strengthen your cyber security strategy - including an exceptional training experience to individuals and organisations. Our training courses are facilitated by our Principal Analyst and guest industry trainer; and we place an emphasis on engaging and interactive content, with a commitment to quality that will deliver the training outcomes required by you, your staff and your organisation.

What's included

  • Cyber Security Risk Management
    Gain the confidence to perform a risk assessment of cyber security risks and the ability to rate and assess business risks rather than technical vulnerabilities
  • Incident Response Planning
    Be equipped with the tools to write a bespoke incident response plan for your organisation
  • Introduction to Cyber Security for IT professionals
    Understand information security principles, cyber security as a risk to business objectives; and cultivate an appreciation of the current cyber threat landscape
  • MISP
    Set-up, configure and integrate Malware Information Sharing Platform into your organisation’s cybersecurity defense strategy

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