AUSCERT External Security Bulletin Redistribution

             ESB-97.003 -- SGI Security Advisory on IRIX netprint
                                1 January 1997


Silicon Graphics Inc has released the following security advisory
concerning a vulnerablility in the /usr/sbin/print/netprint program.  This
vulnerablility may allow local users to gain root access.

AUSCERT advises that all sites apply the appropriate fixes or workarounds
described in the advisory as soon as possible.

If you believe that your system has been compromised, contact AUSCERT or your
representative in FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams).

Internet Email: auscert@auscert.org.au
Facsimile:      (07) 3365 4477
Telephone:      (07) 3365 4417 (International: +61 7 3365 4417)
	AUSCERT personnel answer during Queensland business hours
	which are GMT+10:00 (AEST).
	On call after hours for emergencies.

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                Silicon Graphics Inc. Security Advisory

        Title:   IRIX netprint Program Security Issues
        Number:  19961203-01-PX
        Date:    December 27, 1996

Silicon Graphics provides this information freely to the SGI user community
for its consideration, interpretation, implementation and use.   Silicon
Graphics recommends that this information be acted upon as soon as possible.

Silicon Graphics  will  not  be  liable  for any  indirect, special, or
consequential damages arising from the use of, failure to use or improper
use of any of the instructions or information in this Security Advisory.

Silicon Graphics Engineering and Worldwide Customer Service divisions have
become aware of a potential security issue in the /usr/lib/print/netprint
program found in IRIX 5.3, 6.1 and 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4.

Silicon Graphics Inc. has investigated the issue and recommends the
following steps for neutralizing the exposure.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
that these measures be implemented on ALL SGI systems running IRIX versions
5.3, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4.  This issue will be corrected in future releases
of IRIX.

- - --------------
- - --- Impact ---
- - --------------

The /usr/sbin/print/netprint program is used by the printing system
installed on all SGI systems.

A potential security vulnerability has been found that can result in
root privileges being obtained.

A local account is required in order to exploit this vulnerability both
locally and remotely.

Publicity of this vulnerability has been limited and has afforded
SGI the opportunity to fully investigate this issue and provide
the following information and solutions.

- - ----------------
- - --- Solution ---
- - ----------------

Although patches are available for this issue, it is realized that
there may be situations where installing the patches immediately many
not be possible.

The steps below can be used to remove the vulnerability by removing
the printing subsystem.

                           *** WARNING ***

        Removing the print subsystem will remove all printing
        capability from the system.   Installing the patches below is
        recommended over removal of the print subsystem.

        If the print subsystem is removed, at a later time when the
        patches below are to be installed, the print subsystem will
        first have to be reinstalled from original IRIX distribution
        CDs before the patches.

     1) Become the root user on the system.

                % /bin/su -

     2) Remove the vulnerable subsystem.

                # /usr/sbin/versions -v remove print

     3) Return to previous level.

                # exit

**** IRIX 3.x ****

Silicon Graphics Inc, no longer supports the IRIX 3.x operating system
and therefore has no patches or binaries to provide.

**** IRIX 4.x ****

This version of IRIX is not vulnerable.  No action is required.

**** IRIX 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2 ****

These versions of IRIX are not vulnerable.  No action is required.

**** IRIX 5.3, 6.1 ****

For the IRIX operating system versions 5.3 and 6.1 an inst-able patch
has been generated and made available via anonymous FTP and your
service/support provider.  The patch is number 1685 and will only
install on IRIX 5.3 and 6.1.

The SGI anonymous FTP site is sgigate.sgi.com ( or its
mirror, ftp.sgi.com.   Patch 1685 can be found in the following
directories on the FTP server:




                        ##### Checksums ####

The actual patch will be a tar file containing the following files:

Filename:                 README.patch.1685
Algorithm #1 (sum -r):    33112 8 README.patch.1685
Algorithm #2 (sum):       26410 8 README.patch.1685
MD5 checksum:             91C8238A36AC03839C910F5E8AA4D62A

Filename:                 patchSG0001685
Algorithm #1 (sum -r):    44784 1 patchSG0001685
Algorithm #2 (sum):       30237 1 patchSG0001685
MD5 checksum:             CCB7EB0A9E1AE7464FB0F88FA05C2672

Filename:                 patchSG0001685.idb
Algorithm #1 (sum -r):    25112 1 patchSG0001685.idb
Algorithm #2 (sum):       39883 1 patchSG0001685.idb
MD5 checksum:             D124D5F9E2F363F3500A496D393CD2D3

Filename:                 patchSG0001685.print_sw
Algorithm #1 (sum -r):    13809 21 patchSG0001685.print_sw
Algorithm #2 (sum):       44124 21 patchSG0001685.print_sw
MD5 checksum:             AE6A66F1F7854D37BACDB43773941730

**** IRIX 6.0.x ****

IRIX operating system versions 6.0.x were limited release versions.
For the IRIX operating system versions 6.0.x an upgrade to 6.1 or
later is required first.  When the upgrade is completed, then
the security patches described in the following sections can be
applied depending on the final version of the upgrade.

**** IRIX 6.1 ****

See the section "**** IRIX 5.3, 6.1 ****" above.

**** IRIX 6.2 ****

For the IRIX operating system version 6.2 an inst-able patch has
been generated and made available via anonymous FTP and your
service/support provider.  The patch is number 1686 and will
only install on IRIX 6.2.

The SGI anonymous FTP site is sgigate.sgi.com ( or its
mirror, ftp.sgi.com.   Patch 1686 can be found in the following
directories on the FTP server:




                        ##### Checksums ####

The actual patch will be a tar file containing the following files:

Filename:                 README.patch.1686
Algorithm #1 (sum -r):    52750 8 README.patch.1686
Algorithm #2 (sum):       23718 8 README.patch.1686
MD5 checksum:             54D7A9E3B9838BBD21283B7ACB537940

Filename:                 patchSG0001686
Algorithm #1 (sum -r):    05122 1 patchSG0001686
Algorithm #2 (sum):       31006 1 patchSG0001686
MD5 checksum:             F6E7E5F2E6DDAE1DA3AE103683C92534

Filename:                 patchSG0001686.idb
Algorithm #1 (sum -r):    12185 1 patchSG0001686.idb
Algorithm #2 (sum):       39550 1 patchSG0001686.idb
MD5 checksum:             16B171C7F5E72405E9831E4D0DC8ECA7

Filename:                 patchSG0001686.print_sw
Algorithm #1 (sum -r):    30083 21 patchSG0001686.print_sw
Algorithm #2 (sum):       35675 21 patchSG0001686.print_sw
MD5 checksum:             B456D8A55AD074B125E0CCD70CADA8A9

**** IRIX 6.3 (Early Access for O2) ****

IRIX operating system version 6.3 (Early Access for O2) is a limited
release version.  An update to "IRIX 6.3 for O2 including R10000"
is required for this security issue.   This security issue has
been addressed in the "IRIX 6.3 for O2 including R10000" distribution
which will be distributed to all registered O2 customers with
IRIX 6.3 (Early Access for O2).

**** IRIX 6.4 S2MP (Origin200, Origin2000, Onyx2) ****

IRIX operating system version 6.4 S2MP (Origin200, Origin2000, Onyx2)
is a limited release version.    A future release of the IRIX 6.4
operating system will be released that will have corrections for
this issue.  Customers with the limited release will receive
the future IRIX 6.4 release when it is available.

- - ------------------------
- - --- Acknowledgments ---
- - ------------------------

Silicon Graphics wishes to thank Mike Kienenberger and Yuri Volobuev
for bringing this issue to Silicon Graphics attention, and then
cooperating with Silicon Graphics during the generation of a patch.

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- - --- SGI Security Information/Contacts ---
- - -----------------------------------------

If there are questions about this document, email can be sent to


Silicon Graphics provides security information and patches for
use by the entire SGI community.  This information is freely
available to any person needing the information and is available
via anonymous FTP and the Web.

The primary SGI anonymous FTP site for security information and patches
is sgigate.sgi.com (  Security information and patches
are located under the directories ~ftp/security and ~ftp/patches,
respectively. The Silicon Graphics Security Headquarters Web page is
accessible at the URL http://www.sgi.com/Support/Secur/security.html.

For issues with the patches on the FTP sites, email can be sent to

For assistance obtaining or working with security patches, please
contact your SGI support provider.


Silicon Graphics provides a free security mailing list service
called wiretap and encourages interested parties to self-subscribe
to receive (via email) all SGI Security Advisories when they are
released. Subscribing to the mailing list can be done via the Web
(http://www.sgi.com/Support/Secur/wiretap.html) or by sending email
to SGI as outlined below.

% mail wiretap-request@sgi.com
subscribe wiretap <YourEmailAddress>

In the example above, <YourEmailAddress> is the email address that you
wish the mailing list information sent to.  The word end must be on a
separate line to indicate the end of the body of the message. The
control-d (^d) is used to indicate to the mail program that you are
finished composing the mail message.


Silicon Graphics provides a comprehensive customer World Wide Web site.
This site is located at http://www.sgi.com/Support/Secur/security.html.


For reporting *NEW* SGI security issues, email can be sent to
security-alert@sgi.com or contact your SGI support provider.  A
support contract is not required for submitting a security report.

  This information is provided freely to all interested parties and may
  be additional distributed provided that it is not altered in any
  fashion, Silicon Graphics Inc. is appropriately credited and the
  document retains and includes its valid PGP signature.

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