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             AUSCERT External Security Bulletin Redistribution

Important: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 kernel security and bug fix update
                             3 September 2009


        AusCERT Security Bulletin Summary

Product:           kernel
Publisher:         Red Hat
Operating System:  Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS/Desktop 5
Impact/Access:     Increased Privileges   -- Existing Account
                   Increased Privileges   -- Existing Account
                   Access Privileged Data -- Existing Account
Resolution:        Patch/Upgrade
CVE Names:         CVE-2009-2848 CVE-2009-2847 CVE-2009-0748
                   CVE-2009-0747 CVE-2009-0746 CVE-2009-0745

Reference:         ESB-2009.1237

Original Bulletin: 

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                   Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis:          Important: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 kernel security and bug fix update
Advisory ID:       RHSA-2009:1243-02
Product:           Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Advisory URL:      https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2009-1243.html
Issue date:        2009-09-02
Keywords:          kernel update
CVE Names:         CVE-2009-0745 CVE-2009-0746 CVE-2009-0747 
                   CVE-2009-0748 CVE-2009-2847 CVE-2009-2848 

1. Summary:

Updated kernel packages that fix security issues, address several hundred
bugs and add numerous enhancements are now available as part of the ongoing
support and maintenance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5. This is the
fourth regular update.

This update has been rated as having important security impact by the Red
Hat Security Response Team.

2. Relevant releases/architectures:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 5 client) - i386, noarch, x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 server) - i386, ia64, noarch, ppc, s390x, x86_64

3. Description:

The kernel packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux
operating system.

These updated packages fix the following security issues:

* it was discovered that, when executing a new process, the clear_child_tid
pointer in the Linux kernel is not cleared. If this pointer points to a
writable portion of the memory of the new program, the kernel could corrupt
four bytes of memory, possibly leading to a local denial of service or
privilege escalation. (CVE-2009-2848, Important)

* a flaw was found in the way the do_sigaltstack() function in the Linux
kernel copies the stack_t structure to user-space. On 64-bit machines, this
flaw could lead to a four-byte information leak. (CVE-2009-2847, Moderate)

* a flaw was found in the ext4 file system code. A local attacker could use
this flaw to cause a denial of service by performing a resize operation on
a specially-crafted ext4 file system. (CVE-2009-0745, Low)

* multiple flaws were found in the ext4 file system code. A local attacker
could use these flaws to cause a denial of service by mounting a
specially-crafted ext4 file system. (CVE-2009-0746, CVE-2009-0747,
CVE-2009-0748, Low)

These updated packages also include several hundred bug fixes for and
enhancements to the Linux kernel. Space precludes documenting each of these
changes in this advisory and users are directed to the Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 5.4 Release Notes for information on the most significant of these


Also, for details concerning every bug fixed in and every enhancement added
to the kernel for this release, see the kernel chapter in the Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 5.4 Technical Notes:


All Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 users are advised to install these updated
packages, which address these vulnerabilities as well as fixing the bugs
and adding the enhancements noted in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4
Release Notes and Technical Notes. The system must be rebooted for this
update to take effect.

4. Solution:

Before applying this update, make sure that all previously-released
errata relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via Red Hat Network. Details on how to use
the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

5. Bugs fixed (http://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

223947 - raid10_make_request bug: can't convert block across chunks or bigger than 64k..
233801 - PCI devices disappear in Xen Paravirtual DomU on reboot/reset
240429 - RHEL5 Kernel crash when specifying mem= or highmem= kernel parameter
242696 - Add Filesystem Label to GFS2
244967 - Frequent path failures during I/O on DM multipath devices
290701 - pci: MSI/HT problems with some nvidia bridge chips
396621 - Increase timeout for device connection on boot
427588 - [RHEL 5.2]: Tick divider bug when using clocksource=pit
436791 - Kernel BUG at drivers/scsi/iscsi_tcp.c:387 - invalid opcode: 0000
439898 - module load option to enable entropy generation from e1000,bnx2 network cards
443541 - Online resize2fs error: Invalid argument While trying to add group #15625
445433 - A deadlock can occur between mmap/munmap and journaling(ext3).
446086 - crash formatting a DVD under libata
448115 - Guest crash when host has >= 64G RAM
448588 - RFE: improve gettimeofday performance on hypervisors
448929 - [RHEL5 U1] Kernel NFS Connectathon Test#12, 12.1 Failing
449175 - E1000 driver enables TSOv6 for hardware that doesn't support it
449346 - SMP 32bit RHEL5u1 and RHEL5u2 HVM domain might stop booting when start udev service
450862 - scsi_add_host() returns success even if the work_q was not created
451849 - ptrace(PTRACE_CONT, sig) kills app even if sig is blocked
452120 - lazy umount causes pwd to fail silently (kernel)
452534 - [RFE] Enable raw devices on s390x
454942 - RHEL5.2: ext3 panic in dx_probe
454981 - CPUID driver does not support cpuid.4 and cpuid.0xb instruments
455232 - RHEL5-U2 Installation hangs on p-series--7029, 2078
455678 - DM-multipath marks the surviving path as failed on failbacks
456437 - [RHEL5.2-Z][kernel-xen] powernow identifies the wrong number of processors.
456698 - Module snd-sb16.ko fails to build in a custom kernel.
459397 - Cannot create more than 1024 nfsd threads
459449 - [Qlogic 5.4] qla4xxx: Remove Dead/Unused code from driver
459943 - FEAT: kernel: nf_nat: backport NAT port randomisation [rhel-5.3]
460133 - NFS problem#3 of IT 106473 - 32-bit jiffy wrap around - NFS inode
460218 - GFS2: Hang when shrink_slab calls gfs2_delete_inode
460693 - Xen domU, RAID1, LVM, iscsi target export with blockio bug
461006 - SCSI Hotswap not working with sym53c8xx_2 card in NSN MCP18 system.
461288 - [EMC 5.4 feat] Require kernel support to issue Control I/O to CKD dasd on EMC Symmetrix arrays
461469 - device-mapper changes to support readonly device maps
462248 - Debug Kernel - NMI Watchdog detected LOCKUP
462352 - [RHEL-5.2] e1000e module doesn't implement SIOETHTOOL ETHTOOL_GPERMADDR
462572 - RHEL 5.1 show error msg of "PCI: BIOS Bug: MCFG area at e0000000 is not E820-reserved" during boot
462725 - [RHEL-5.2] replacing routes doesn't emit notifications via netlink
462731 - invalid behaviour of NETKEY / XFRM deleting SPD
462911 - 5.3 beta kernel -115.el breaks the proprietary Nvidia driver
463244 - [PATCH] Removing bond interfaces causes workqueue thread leak
463249 - document netdev_budget
463573 - Patches to improve timekeeping for RHEL kernels running under VMware.
464039 - Timeouts in wait_drive_not_busy with TEAC DV-W28ECW and similar
464500 - RHEL5: memmap=X$Y option doesn't yield new BIOS map
465143 - update CIFS for RHEL5.4
465456 - Kernel panic in auth_rpcgss:__gss_find_upcall
465543 - kernel module is required to enable kernel markers
465781 - MD RAID1 error handler deadlock (raid1d / make_request)
466086 - IPoIB-CM connectivity problem with eHCA adapters
466701 - RFE: an error when mounting the same NFS mount with different SELinux contexts
467698 - xen: 32 bit guest on 64 bit host oops in xen_set_pud()
467782 - unstable time source
468088 - [EMULEX 5.4 bug] scsi messages correlate with silent data corruption, but no i/o errors
468092 - number of lockd socket connections is capped at 80
469130 - Xen live migration may fail due to fragmented memory
469437 - ansi cprng needs to allow for user-provided initial counter values
469707 - specfile changes to allow just building the debug kernel
469848 - [RHEL5.2] nfs_getattr() hangs during heavy write workloads
470035 - xm dmesg printk spam -- Domain attempted WRMSR 00000000000000e8 from 00000016:3d0e9470 to 00000000:00000000
470059 - IPv6 netfilter: output routing rules based on fwmark don't work
470074 - overlapping nfs locks don't work in gfs/dlm
470111 - FIPS certification requires exporting DSA_verify function
470139 - stack usage optimization in link_path_walk() [rhel-5.4]
470202 - Kernel Panic at  pci_scan_bus_parented+0xa/0x1f  with "acpi=off" or "acpi=ht" options
470459 - The system stall or panic can occur when /proc/<pid>/oom_score is read
470929 - rng header needs to be in kernel-devel
471254 - lockd: fix reference count leaks in async locking case (impacts GFS2)
471281 - crypto: ansi_cprng: get_prng_bytes returning some incorrect data
471565 - Creation of mirrored logical volume with VG extent-size of 1K fails
471800 - Driver for dm9601 doesn't seem to work as advertised
471893 - kernel's inotify subsystem not send notification on inode link count change
471900 - [QLogic 5.4 feat] qla2xxx,qla8xxx - Support production FCoE hardware.
472386 - fips crypto: self-test needed for rfc4309(ccm(aes))
472426 - missing compat sys_ustat corrupts userspace when sys_ustat called from 32-bit
472523 - AMD: Panic if cpu_khz is incorrect
472547 - [RHEL5.4 FEAT] Update ixgbe to version 2.0.8-k2 and support the 82599 (Niantic) device
472558 - oops in mirror_map (dm-raid1.c)
473504 - kernel panic in tcp_tso_segment() (iptables/netfilter)
473947 - asm-generic/ioctl.h can generate link error undefined __invalid_size_argument_for_IOC
474091 - [Intel 5.4 FEAT] TSC keeps running in C3+
474240 - [RHEL5.1] Support of Broadcom HT1100 chipset - add new PCI ID
474301 - [AMD 5.4 FEAT] Withdraw IGN_SERR_INTERNAL for SB800 SATA
474334 - r8169 reports incredible number of RX dropped packets
474394 - crypto: des3_ede single-key doesn't work
474590 - lockd: return NLM_LCK_DENIED_GRACE_PERIOD after long periods
474646 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Kernel NSS support - kernel part [200790]
474664 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] System z support for processor degradation [200975]
474688 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Automatic IPL after dump (kernel) [201169]
474699 - After successful connection to a WPA AP, iwlagn loses its ability to speak WEP
474797 - [RHEL 5] gen_estimator deadlock fix
474881 - [Intel 5.4 FEAT] Update the Intel igb driver to match upstream changes & include Kawela PF
474891 - PCI Domain support for HP xw9400 and xw9300
474913 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Thread scalability issues with TPC-C [201300]
475145 - audit: increase the maximum length of the key field
475147 - fix assorted audit_filter_task() panics on ctx == NULL
475149 - audit: fix kstrdup() error check
475150 - kernel/audit.c control character detection is off-by-one
475278 - missing audit records for descriptors created by pipe(2) and socketpair(2)
475312 - GFS2: mount attempt hangs if no more journals available
475330 - Misc kernel audit fixups
475334 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] FCP - Performance Data collection  (kernel) [201590]
475374 - Make clock source functions consistent between x86_64 & i386 arches
475530 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Extra kernel parameter via VMPARM [201726]
475536 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] OpenIPMI driver update [201263]
475551 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] TTY terminal server over IUCV (kernel) [201734]
475563 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Shutdown actions interface (kernel) [201747]
475567 - [Broadcom 5.4 FEAT] Update bnx2 to 1.8.2b+
475570 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Provide service levels of HW & Hypervisor in Linux [201753]
475572 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] HiperSockets Layer3 support for IPv6 [201751]
475620 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Update spufs for Cell in the kernel of RHEL5.4 to the upstream version [201774]
475621 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Enable SOL (serial over lan) usage for Cell systems with RHEL5 [201454]
475625 - [Intel 5.4 bug] ixgbe does not work reliably with 16 or more cores
475658 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Enable Power Button on Cell Blades [201777]
475696 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] EEH infrastructure change for MSI-X interrupt support [201779]
475717 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Enhance the ipr driver to support MSI-X interrupt [201780]
475790 - Compilation failure with /usr/include/linux/futex.h header
475814 - race in aio_complete() leads to process hang
475820 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Linux to add Call Home data [201167]
475986 - Question for LUKS device passhprase unreadable when using Xen
476206 - ahci: jmb361 has only one port
476224 - convert NFS to new write_begin/write_end interfaces
476301 - [Chelsio FEAT] Update support for Terminator3 adapters
476626 - GFS2: [RFE] fiemap support for GFS2
476659 - softlockups due to infinite loops in posix_locks_deadlock
476707 - GFS2: [RFE] Merge upstream uevent patches into RHEL 5.4
476897 - kernel panics when attempting to rmmod the bnx2 module while it is in use.
477005 - lockdep warnings on RHEL5.3 xen guest
477012 - network hangs with xen_vnif in FV RHEL5 guest
477206 - [LTC 5.4 FEAT] Xen support for 192 CPUs [201257]
478638 - kernel-2.6.18-92.1.22.el5 misses bug fix which has to be backported.
478643 - multipath test causes memory leak and eventual system deadlock
479200 - [Broadcom 5.4 feat] Please add pcie_set_readrq() to the rhel5_drivers_pci_pcie_ga kernel symbol whitelist
479288 - [QLOGIC 5.4 feat] Add qlge 10Gb ethernet driver
479401 - GFS2: Parsing of remount arguments incorrect
479412 - PATH and EXECVE audit records contain bogus newlines
479740 - [RHEL 5.1] SUN Ultra 40 forcedeth: Network freezes reproducibly (stress) evebe600
479754 - RH5.3 x64 RC2 reboots while installing a virtual machine
479765 - Leap second message can hang the kernel
479927 - Needs to check GSO packet length against MSS
480142 - /proc/acpi/dsdt: No such device
480204 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qla2xxx - updates and fixes from upstream, part 1
480663 - data corruption and general brokenness with ramdisks (rd)
480696 - RDMA latencytest and perftest fail with QLogic IB
480733 - 2 volume rebuilding problem - second volume rebuild doesn't succeed.
480939 - RHEL-5: Deadlock in Xen netfront driver.
480951 - Improve udp port randomization
481031 - crypto: panic handling ccm vectors with null associated data
481076 - kernel BUG at net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_nat_core.c:308
481175 - need to backport several ansi_cprng patches
481199 - waitpid() reports stopped process more than once
481226 - Bitmap Merging Patch for RHEL 5.4
481283 - [RHEL5.3] Original ether's status is keeping PROMISC MULTICAST mode
481682 - linux-2.6-misc-utrace-update.patch contains incorrect optimization
481691 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qla2xx - Word-endian problem programming flash on PPC
481715 - BCM5704 NIC results in CPU 100%SI , sluggish system performance
482737 - Add explicit ALUA support to kernel
482796 - eHEA: mutex_unlock missing in eHEA error path
482990 - RHEL 5.3 GA kernel panics when RF Kill is on in 5100/5300 AGN
483171 - Panic at boot if SATA disk is present
483285 - fix oops when using skb_seq_read
483541 - gfs2 blocked after recovery
483588 - [RFE ] Connlimit kernel module support.
483594 - FEAT: RHEL 5.4 - update ALSA HDA audio driver from upstream
483617 - reproducible panic in debugfs_remove when unmounting gfs2 filesystem
483790 - [IPV6] Fix the return value of get destination options with NULL data
483793 - [ipv6] Fix the return value of Set Hop-by-Hop options header with NULL
483814 - kernel BUG at kernel/ptrace.c:1068
484105 - [IPV6] Return correct result for sticky options
484158 - FEAT: feature request. disable iostat collection in gendisk
484227 - [Intel 5.4 FEAT] virtualization feature VTd: hypervisor changes (Xen)
484304 - [RHEL-5.3] ARP packets aren't received by backup slaves breaking arp_validate=3
484403 - Add kernel version to oops and panic output
484590 - Running Openswan ipsec vpn server with rhel-5.3 kernel-2.6.18-128.el5 causes crash
484796 - tulip driver MTU problems when using dot1q vlans
484836 - DASDFMT not operating like CPFMTXA
484943 - [Stratus 5.4 bug] PCI hot unplug can leak MSI descriptors causing fallback to legacy interrupts
484971 - [IPv6] Update setsockopt(IPV6_MULTICAST_IF) to support RFC 3493, try2
484977 - [IPV6]: Check length of optval provided by user in setsockopt()
485098 - NULL pointer deference in gfs2_getbuf
485181 - Dock/Undock+ CDROM support for X61 and other laptops
485182 - Data  cards like Huawei EC121 does not work with RHEL5
485226 - GFS2 unaligned access in gfs2_bitfit
485315 - ext4 kernelspace rebase for RHEL5.4
485381 - backport critical netxen driver fixes from upstream kernel to RHEL5.4
485718 - Add mmu-notifiers support to RHEL5 kernel
486030 - [iwl3945] Status LED doesn't light up (Lenovo T61)
486168 - GFS2: Quota mount option inconsistent with common quota/noquota options
486185 - pci_setup_bridge() clears the Prefetchable Memory Base and Limit Upper 32 Bits registers
486204 - [ipv6 RAW] Disallow IPPROTO_IPV6-level IPV6_CHECKSUM socket option on ICMPv6 sockets
486215 - [IPV6] Check outgoing interface even if source address is unspecified
486756 - nfs server rejecting large writes when sec=krb5i/p is specified
487213 - [Intel 5.4 bug] ixgbe driver double counts RX byte count
487293 - Missing DELL MD3000i storage into scsi_dh_rdac kernel module device list
487406 - [ipv6] Check the hop limit setting in ancillary data
487672 - slab corruption with dlm and clvmd on ppc64
487691 - [RHEL5.3]: modprobe xen-vnif in a KVM guest causes a crash
487929 - CVE-2009-0745 kernel: ext4: ext4_group_add() missing initialisation issue
487935 - CVE-2009-0746 kernel: ext4: make_indexed_dir() missing validation
487942 - CVE-2009-0747 kernel: ext4: ext4_isize() denial of service
487945 - CVE-2009-0748 kernel: ext4: ext4_fill_super() missing validation issue
488367 - [NET] Fix functions put_cmsg()/put_cmsg_compat() which may cause usr application memory overflow
488471 - Problem with drive status leds after update to 2.6.18-128.el5
488820 - update efifb
488964 - RHEL 5.4: hpilo - backport of bugfixes and updates from upstream
489096 - install include/trace/*.h headers in kernel-devel
489274 - [RHEL5.3 Xen]: Cannot attach > 16 PV disks using PV-on-HVM drivers
489285 - Backport lookupcache= mount option for nfs shares
489389 - [QLOGIC 5.4 bug] qla4xxx: Extended Sense Data Errors
490078 - "automount" daemon gets blocked uninterruptibly while trying to acquire "i_sem" of monitored directory
490162 - ethttool -S on r8169 version 2.2LK hangs when interface is down
490181 - NFS: an f_mode/f_flags confusion in fs/nfs/write.c
490567 - [RHEL5.3 Xen]: Annoying messages on i686 boot
490938 - [x86_64]: copy_user_c can zero more data than needed
491266 - kernel should be built with -fwrapv [rhel-5.4]
491685 - vmalloc_user() panics 2.6.18-128.1.1.el5 if a kmem cache grows
491775 - building of kernel-devel on i386 doesn't include asm-x86_64/stacktrace.h
492010 - powernow-k8: export module parameters to /sys/modules
492488 - Driver core: make bus_find_device_by_name() more robust
492866 - Xen guest kernel  advertises absolute mouse pointer feature which it is incapable of setting up correctly
492911 - tar off gfs2 broken - truncated symbolic links
492943 - GFS2: gfs2_quotad in uninterruptible sleep while idle
492972 - [RHEL5.2] [IPV6] TUNNEL6: Fix incoming packet length check for inter-protocol tunnel.
493045 - memory leak when reading from files mounted with nfs mount option 'noac'
493088 - Kprobes bugfixes backport from 2.6.29
493144 - panic in SELinux code with shrinkable NFS mounts
493152 - [Intel 5.4 FEAT] virtualization feature SR/IOV: kernel changes
493448 - The SCSI tape driver (st) does not support writing with larger buffers when using aic7xxx
493451 - Upgrade to update 3 causes SATA resets.
494114 - 2.6.18-128.1.6.el5xen panic!
494288 - CPU P-state limits (via acpi _ppc) ignored by OS
494658 - With Red Hat errata 128.1.6 installed system hangs with SATA drives installed.
494876 - [RHEL5.4]: Explicitly zero CR[1] in getvcpucontext
494879 - [RHEL5.4]: Fix interaction between dom0 and NTP
494885 - GFS2: gfs2_grow changes to rindex read in wrong by the kernel
495092 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qla2xxx - updates and fixes from upstream, part 2
495094 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qla2xxx - updates and fixes from upstream, part 3
495125 - ptrace: wrong value for bp register at syscall entry tracing
495230 - kernel dm: OOps in mempool_free when device removed
495318 - Bonding driver updelay parameter actual behavior doesn't match documented behavior
495442 - vmscan: bail out of direct reclaim after swap_cluster_max pages
495612 - Export guest UUID through SMBIOS to show in guest dmidecode by default
495863 - kernel: tun: Add packet accounting
495866 - show_partition() oops when race with rescan_partitions()
496100 - Random crashing in dm snapshots because of a race condition
496101 - kernel BUG with dm multipath and a partial read request
496102 - Backport patches for snapshot store damage
496126 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qla2xxx - updates and fixes from upstream, part 4
496338 - sata_mv: Fix chip type for Highpoint RocketRaid 1740/1742
496766 - autofs4 - obvious mistake in mounted check in autofs4_mount_busy()
496869 - [Intel 5.4 FEAT] virtualization feature VTd: kernel changes
496873 - [Intel 5.4 FEAT] virtualization feature enhanced VTd: hypervisor changes
496903 - Setacl not working over NFS.
497411 - kernel BUG at drivers/scsi/libiscsi.c:301!
497414 - add 'success' value to sched_wakeup and sched_wakeup_new tracepoints
497478 - [QLOGIC 5.4 bug] qla4xxx: Driver Fault Recovery
498281 - dont use DID_TRANSPORT_DISRUPTED when transitioning rport or iscsi states
498527 - ehca performance impact during creation of queue pairs
498719 - [patch] mac80211: nullfunc and hidden SSID fixes
499013 - Deadlock between libvirt and xentop
499171 - kernel: ecryptfs_parse_options: eCryptfs: unrecognized option 'ecryptfs_unlink_sigs'
499202 - New compilation warning in ext4 rebase
499289 - RHEL5.3.z LTP nanosleep02 Test Case Failure on Fujitsu Machine
499347 - Add Generic Receive Offload support
499406 - device-mapper: dm-raid45 target doesn't create parity as expected by dmraid (isw)
499541 - kernel: proc: avoid information leaks to non-privileged processes [rhel-5.4]
499776 - kernel: random: make get_random_int() more random [rhel-5.4]
499840 - nfsv4recoverydir proc file unreadable
499870 - Wacom driver with Intuos tablet does not report button press after a proximity leave/re-enter
499999 - ath5k module freezes when interface is brought down
500311 - Kernel panic when loading cpufreq_governor
500368 - NETDEV_BONDING_FAILOVER is defined twice in the kernel
500387 - device-mapper: dm-raid45 target regression causing oops on mapping table reload
500446 - [RHEL5.4] igb: debug kernel reveals incorrect call used to free multiqueue netdev
500568 - kernel-xen should *not* include pci-stub  driver
500693 - LTP ftest04 and ftest08 Failures
500729 - Deadlock when a uevent is blocked waiting for the queued I/O.
500745 - Need symbols added to KABI whitelist for cmirror-kmod
500839 - renaming file on a share w/o write permissions causes oops
500857 - [RHEL5 U4] Systems seems to hang on reboot
500892 - Kernel - testing NMI watchdog ... CPU#0: NMI appears to be stuck (0)!
501082 - RHEL5.4 ext4: backport corruption fixes from .30
501178 - RHEL5: NMI lockups seen after enabling cpuspeed on -147.el5 & -148.el5
501308 - REGRESSION: iSCSI Target's Redirect login causes errors in connection
501321 - Removal of directory doesn't produce audit record if rule is recursive
501374 - disable MSI on VIA VT3364 chipsets
501468 - RHEL5.4 virtio: "Device does not have a release() function, it is broken and must be fixed" warnings
501474 - [RHEL5.4 Xen]: Xenbus warnings in a FV guest on shutdown
501475 - [RHEL5.4 Xen]: "Weight assignment" messages printed to the serial console
502944 - READ CAPACITY failed on 10TB LUN
503080 - need to fix sky2 stats
503191 - [RHEL5.4 Xen]: Tun patch causing connectathon to fail
503215 - igb: dropping rx packets
503248 - [Emulex 5.4 bug] Update lpfc to version
503309 - qemu-kvm: page allocation failure
503737 - [RHEL5.4 Xen]: Trying to boot a FV -PAE kernel crashes
503818 - Xen dom0 fake e820 prevents IGB driver from creating VF devices
503826 - PCI device fails to allocate resource
503827 - sata_sx4: ata_cmd_set_features time out resulting in disabled device
503905 - kernel: TPM: get_event_name stack corruption [rhel-5.4]
503960 - System freezes when removing ipr driver after injecting EEH errors
504086 - GFS2: s_umount locking bug with gfs2meta filesystem type
504121 - RHEL 5.3 long installation time and low hard disk performance in VX800 platform
504181 - [Broadcom 5.4 bug] Include fixes/cleanups for bnx2i
504676 - gfs2: extending direct IO writes expose stale data (corruption)
504906 - iw_cxgb3 OFED driver update
504955 - RHEL5.4: cxgb3 update
505171 - gfs2: filesystem consistency error with statfs_slow = 1
505445 - [Emulex 5.4 bug] Update lpfc to version (bug fixes only)
505491 - 32-bit Dom0 Cannot Boot in RHEL5.4
505541 - BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 10s! [NetworkManager:5182]
505548 - 1921270 - gfs2 filesystem won't free up space when files are deleted
505601 - ext4 preallocation corruption with truncate
505653 - [RHEL5.4] ixgbe fixups for version 2.0.8-k2 specifically the 82599
506138 - need to backport upstream commit 4ea7e38696c7e798c47ebbecadfd392f23f814f9 from net-next
506140 - GFS2: Filesystem deadlock when running SPECsfs on BIGI test bed.
506151 - RHEL5.4: cxgb3i (open-iscsi) update
506511 - performance regression running Iozone with different I/O options on RHEL54 kernels
506792 - [Emulex 5.4 bug] Update lpfc to version (bug fixes only)
506841 - RHEL5.4 -154 e1000e using MSI-X hangs system
506845 - Kernel panic unplugging a rt73usb dongle
506981 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qla4xxx: Testing updates, 4 fixes.
507017 - mmap_min_addr can trigger on non MAP_FIXED mmap operations
507246 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qla2xxx - updates and fixes from upstream, part 5
507398 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qla2xxx - updates 24xx / 25xx firmware to 4.04.09
507520 - xen kernel, modprobe -r popup call trace and error msg
507620 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qla2xxx - properly handle event notification in FCoE environment
507932 - [RHEL 5.4] sky2: /proc/net/dev statistics are broken
508297 - RTNL: assertion failed due to bonding notify.
508409 - RHEL 5.4 cxgb3i (open-iscsi) connection error through VLAN
508806 - GFS2 panics while shrinking the glock cache.
508839 - [Emulex 5.4 bug] be2net: traffic stops when using INTx interrupts
508870 - No network traffic when igb network interface receives arp traffic during negotiation
508871 - [Emulex 5.4 bug] Unload of bonding driver causes be2net driver to deadlock
508876 - umount.gfs2 hangs eating CPU
509010 - [Emulex 5.4 bug] Update lpfc to version (bug fixes only)
509207 - VT-d BUG() during normal traffic in ixgbe device
509526 - (RHEL 5.4 Alpha/Beta x86 ) no audio output on IbexPeak chipset
509647 - [QLogic 5.4 bug] qlge - testing fixes part 3.
509818 - cciss: spinlock deadlock causes NMI on HP systems
510008 - [Emulex 5.4 bug] Lower throughput seen on be2net with MSIx interrupt
510268 - qla2xxx - NPIV broken for PPC, endian fix
510665 - megaraid sas driver in rhel5.4-beta fails to scan for SAS tape drive (HP Ultrium 4-SCSI)
510805 - PCI FLR support needed for secure device assignment to KVM guests
511096 - bnx2i and libiscsi: make sure cnic dev is registered and fix libiscsi eh_abort locking
511141 - qla2xxx - Provide fundamental reset capability for EEH
511181 - kernel: build with -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks [rhel-5.4]
512086 - RHEL5.4: Add SATA GEN3 related messages
512266 - [Emulex 5.4 bug] Update lpfc driver to to fix multiple panics
512387 - max_phys_segments violation with dm-linear + md raid1 + cciss
513067 - ahci: add device IDs for Ibex Peak SATA AHCI controllers
513070 - cciss disk devices do not have storage capability in HAL
513802 - [Broadcom 5.4 bug] cnic ISCSI_KEVENT_IF_DOWN message handling
514073 - RHEL 5.4 cxgb3i (open-iscsi) hits skb_over_panic() on write
515392 - CVE-2009-2847 kernel: information leak in sigaltstack
515423 - CVE-2009-2848 kernel: execve: must clear current->clear_child_tid

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