Why it's important

The AusCERT Incident Support Service assists your organisation to detect, interpret and respond to attacks from around the world. We act as a trusted intermediary, coordinating communication about incidents between affected parties.

The AusCERT team provide proactive and reactive incident response assistance actively seeking information from various sources to help find data relevant to you. We take immediate action and follow well-defined protocols in order to obtain a resolution and satisfactory outcome.

What's included

  • Access to our highly skilled team of analysts and developers with SANS GIAC and other certifications who are available through email, Slack or 24/7 hotline.
  • AusCERT’s intelligence feeds from sources that aren’t generally available outside of the normal channels producing data such as:
    • Websites which are compromised and are leaking malware;
    • Lists of hosts which are participating in denial of service attacks, botnets and more;
    • Hosts which are misconfigured and could be used for attacks;
    • Evidence of phishing attacks; and
    • Public posts of confidential data, such as online account credentials.

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