The AUSCERT team is here to support you, whether you’re facing a cyber incident or in need of guidance and direction. Our dedicated team is readily available to provide assistance, ensuring you have the help you need to resolve the situation or obtain the necessary guidance to move forward.

An incident is any event or activity compromising the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of your computer systems, networks, or data.


  • Incident Support
  • Phishing Takedown

How we can help

  • The AUSCERT Incident Support service aids your organisation in assisting, understanding, and addressing incidents and attacks from across the globe.
  • The AUSCERT team offers support in incident response, actively gathering information from diverse channels to locate data that is relevant to you. We take immediate action and follow well-defined protocols in order to obtain a resolution and satisfactory outcome.
  • AUSCERT is a trusted intermediary, coordinating communication about incidents between affected parties.
  • Incident support also includes AUSCERT’s Phishing Takedown service, which assists your organisation by managing the takedown process of malicious sites and domains. If your organisation is targeted or affected by phishing or malicious websites, our team can analyse the situation and take appropriate action.

What's included?

Response support & assistance

AUSCERT offers up to three hours of support per incident. If the incident requires further assistance, we assess the scope of the issue to determine if an analyst can be allocated (at cost). Should the team be unable to provide further direct assistance (due to the nature of the incident), AUSCERT offers unbiased recommendations or referrals to trusted providers.

Dedicated skilled resource pool

Access to our highly skilled team of analysts and developers who possess various certifications, including SANS GIAC, and are available to assist you through email, Slack, or our 24/7 telephone support hotline.

Phishing takedown management

AUSCERT’s Phishing Takedown service is designed to assist your organisation from a multitude of phishing attacks. If your organisation’s brand is used on a phishing web site, or if spear phishing targets your organisation, AUSCERT can utilise its worldwide contact network to request the removal of the malicious website.

Malware & Log Analysis

Malware and log analysis support is available for your organisation through AUSCERT via our toolkits and analysis platforms. This entails identifying threats, recommending best practices and mitigation approaches against the threat.

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