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AusCERT’s Phishing Takedown service is designed to assist your organisation from a multitude of phishing attacks. If your organisation’s brand is used on a phishing website, or if spear phishing targets your organisation, AusCERT can utilise its worldwide contact network to request the removal of the malicious website.  Simply lodge your request via the AusCERT incident portal or email and leave the rest to us. 

What's included

AusCERT manages your phishing takedown requests. This service includes takedown requests for malicious domains and websites. Furthermore, we can also act against reports that threaten the community.

The following submission requests are available:

  • Takedown Requests – This submission type is specifically for requesting domain and hosting takedowns of malicious websites targeting our members. Takedown requests are high priority and undergo analysis by an analyst. If necessary, requests are sent to hosting service providers, domain registrars, global CERT groups, and security services like Google Safe Browsing and Microsoft Security Intelligence. 
  • Community Threat Reports – This submission type is for reporting malicious content that poses a risk to the general public, rather than directly targeting our members. Based on the initial analysis and assessed impact, appropriate actions will be taken. Community threat reports may not receive follow-up communications beyond the initial automated receipt. 

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We regularly utilise AusCERT's Phishing Site Takedown service. It has been a valuable resource that we recommend to any business wishing to minimise damage against their brand and provide protection against phishing scams.


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