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AusCERT’s Phishing Take-down service works to reduce brand damage by requesting the removal of websites which attempt to steal credentials of legitimate systems. The service puts the safety of your staff and customers at the forefront by utilising AusCERT's world-renowned reputation with hosting providers and international CERT contacts to rapidly shut down phishing sites.

What's included

Annual AusCERT membership includes malware, phishing, spear phishing and whaling incident take-down services.

  • Local specialist support through all stages of the incident lifecycle
  • Analysis of the attack and documentation of artifacts
  • Automated systems for analysing and tracking phishing

All members collectively benefit from AusCERT’s increasing collaboration with firewall, content filter and SIEM vendors to action Malicious URL Feed data.

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We regularly utilise AusCERT's Phishing Site Take-Down service. It has been a valuable resource that we recommend to any business wishing to minimise damage against their brand and provide protection against phishing scams.

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