//Blogs - 22 Oct 2019

AusCERT at the APCERT Conference 2019

AusCERT was represented at the recent APCERT 2019 gathering in Singapore by Senior Information Security Analyst, Geoff Thonon and Senior Security System Administrator, Colby Prior. 

Highlights of this work trip included the below initiatives. 



Teams that are part of APCERT (Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Team)[1] took part in the APCERT Conference 2019 which kicked off on Sunday the 29th September.  This was Day One of the APCERT Annual General Meeting and like with all groups that meet once-a-year, the day was filled with reports on the years’ activities. Working Groups [2] were queued up and reported on the progress of various projects that makes the APCERT community more effective as a whole. 

[1] http://www.apcert.org/
[2] http://www.apcert.org/about/structure/groups.html



AusCERT co-presented  with the convenor of ThaiCERT on the APCERT-Drill that took place in 2019 [1].  AusCERT rallied the group to participate in and briefed them about the APCERT-Drill 2020, within a diverse set of roles.  Along with rallying the group for the coming Drill, some factors were highlighted in using the currently available platform(s) within APCERT in terms of communication and coordination, as well as using this event to further further promote cooperation with all new CERTs/CSIRTs in the Asia Pacific region.   

[1] http://www.apcert.org/documents/pdf/APCERT_Drill2019_Press%20Release.pdf


We look forward to hosting the APCERT-Drill in 2020 and to meeting our colleagues at the next APCERT annual conference!