Vulnerability management involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating weaknesses in computer systems, applications, and networks to enhance overall security. It includes applying measures such as patches and best practices to minimise the risk of exploitation.


  • Security Bulletins
  • Member Security Incident Notifications
  • Critical MSINs
  • Early Warning SMS Alerts

How we can help

  • AUSCERT specialises in vulnerability research to deliver members a consistently formatted feed of bulletins across major platforms and vendors streamlining security patching.
  • Security Bulletins provide concise summaries of content, enabling readers to quickly grasp essential information. They facilitate easy determination of severity and aid in prioritizing organizational security patching efforts.
  • Using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) as the industry standard, AUSCERT identifies and references vulnerabilities through Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) identifiers. Accompanying each vulnerability is a suggested resolution, including patching/upgrading and mitigation recommendations.
  • Security Bulletins are published by AUSCERT each business day with content curated and checked to ensure up-to-date information is provided to our members.
  • Member Security Incident Notifications (MSINs) are customised security reports for each memberโ€™s organisation, based on your IPs and domains. Tailored MSINs will inform you of vulnerabilities impacting your organisation.
  • Critical MSINs can be issued detailing serious vulnerabilities that have been discovered with domains/IPs registered with us that are using the vulnerable product, software, or service.
  • Receive SMS notifications for the most critical security vulnerabilities.

What's included?

Security Bulletin Email Subscriptions

Members can create multiple customised email subscriptions to the Security Bulletins service for specific operating systems and environments that are relevant to your organisation. Bulletins are sent via email immediately as they are published by AUSCERT.

Security Bulletins are also available via an RSS Feed which is provided in the same consistent format.


MSINs provide daily notifications about vulnerabilities, incidents, and recommended mitigation strategies. Members only receive an MSIN if there is at least one incident report related to their IPs/domains within the past 24 hours. If no incidents are detected, no MSIN is sent. Members have the option to mute specific reports for a particular IP/domain if they no longer wish to receive notifications about them.

Critical MSINs

These will be distributed as they emerge and will be flagged accordingly for urgent attention to mitigate potential high-priority risks. For example, zero-day and other critical vulnerabilities.

Security Bulletin Daily Bulletin Digest

Alternatively, members can subscribe to receive the Daily Bulletin Digest. This is a single email issued at the end of each business day that summarises all the bulletins published by AUSCERT that day, with hyperlinks to view each bulletin.

Early Warning SMS Alerts

The analyst team sends Early Warning SMS alerts to designated contacts listed on your membership account for critical vulnerabilities requiring immediate action to protect a memberโ€™s security. These alerts provide details of the relevant security bulletin containing potential advice or solutions.

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