//Blogs - 1 Sep 2021


The progression toward a growing reliance on the e-economy within the Asia Pacific region requires ongoing protection of the various infrastructures, integral to the political and economic stability and security.

The Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT) recently conducted its annual drill, a means of maintaining and improving awareness and skills within the cyber security community through this collaborative undertaking.

This year’s theme, “Supply Chain Attack Through Spear-Phishing – Beware of Working from Home”, reflects real-world incidents and issues, experienced globally.

As a founding member, AusCERT has participated in every drill since their inception with Operations Manager, Geoff Thonon stating that the drill is “More important than ever”.

“Whilst there is a time limit, the purpose of the drill isn’t to identify the fastest (CERT) team but rather, to work collaboratively to challenge and develop everyone’s skills”, Geoff continued.

The experiences and tasks conducted by each participating team allows for knowledge sharing with no CERT typically experiencing the same issues or providing like for like services.

The APCERT drill aims to maintain and progress internet security and safety with the exercise providing participants the chance to improve communication protocols, technical responses and the overall quality of incident responses.

Although undertaken in a few hours, the lessons learned from the experience can continue long after.

Analysing the challenges, choices and responses of teams provides an insight into the various perspectives of other participants. “The information available to each team from the drill provides a greater understanding of the how and why that can lead to year-round training and development for staff”, Geoff stated.

With 26 CERTs from 20 economies within the Asia Pacific region taking part, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon in the quest for ongoing learning and growth within the sector.

As each drill typically requires six to eight months of planning and preparation, the 2022 APCERT Cyber Drill will soon be underway – the ongoing need for education and skill enhancement a reflection of the rapid development of the digital world we now reside in!