31 Oct 2023


30 Years 30 Stories

AUSCERT 30 Years 30 Stories – David Stockdale

With a professional and ethical approach to delivering cyber security throughout Australia, the AUSCERT 30 Years 30 Stories would be incomplete without sitting down with current AUSCERT Director, David Stockdale. Praising AUSCERT’s trust and influential community, David’s insight into what sets our organisation apart is a heart-warming read.

How did you first become involved with AUSCERT, and what motivated you to apply for your position?

The Director of AUSCERT position was included in a job that I applied for at the University of Queensland. It was the area I least understood in the role, and yet it’s become the piece I adore most.

How do you think AUSCERT has evolved over the years? What do you think our future holds?

AUSCERT has experienced plenty of change in the last three decades – 30 years ago, AUSCERT was one of the first computer emergency response teams in the world. What AUSCERT provided then was unique, but there are now many big players in the sector.

We’ve evolved to provide new and niche offerings, that other companies are not able to provide. As AUSCERT is a not-for-profit organisation, we’re not government-aligned nor commercial, we’re able to establish an element of trust. This trust is our superpower and means we can provide services others can’t.

What are the key benefits of being a part of the AUSCERT community?

AUSCERT transcends more than just its members, age, services and employees; it’s much bigger than that. To be part of an organisation that aims to provide good services and lift the security of our community – is a fantastic cause.

What advice would you give to a prospective AUSCERT member?

Do it! Looking at the low cost of our services, it’s easy to assume that they are not worth a lot. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you start using AUSCERT and leveraging our offerings, you’ll find there’s value-upon-value-upon-value. That said, the real value of being an AUSCERT member is not necessarily the services, but the community we create, whether it’s through our conference, or events. We connect sectors together, and it’s this quality that separates us from others. When you’re an AUSCERT member, you become part of a trusted community.

What do you believe sets AUSCERT apart from other organisations in the cybersecurity space?

It’s AUSCERT’s not-for-profit qualities – we aren’t aligned to any vendors so we are, in some ways, a trusted free spirit. This trust is what sets AUSCERT apart; and we do the best cybersecurity conference in Australia, without a doubt.

AUSCERT, Happy 30th Birthday! You are the best organisation I’ve ever known, and I’m so proud to be part of it.