//Blogs - 7 Sep 2022

The Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT) recently conducted its annual drill, a means of maintaining and improving awareness and skills within the cyber security community through this collaborative undertaking.

The theme for 2022 was “Data Breach through Security Malpractice” which focused on realistic, real world cyber security risks and incidents that could potentially result.

AusCERT Analyst Narayan Neupane said, “This year’s drill was about tracing a ransomware activity and tracing the uploaded file’s location via provided evidence. The drill focused on packet capture, email analysis, forensic investigation, and incident response.”

He continued, “Whilst some activities performed in the drill are carried out more than others in our daily work, it’s important and worthwhile to be tested in unexpected ways – it reflects what happens in the real world!”.

The experiences and tasks conducted by each participating team allow for knowledge sharing with no single CERT typically experiencing the same issues or providing like-for-like services.

The APCERT drill aims to maintain and progress internet security and safety with the exercise providing participants with the chance to improve communication protocols, technical responses, and the overall quality of incident responses.

“This year’s drill was tough but also, fun and there was a feeling of satisfaction once we were able to finish the drill successfully”, Narayan concluded.

This year, 25 CSIRTs from 21 economies took part in the drill and although undertaken in a few hours, the lessons learned from the experience can provide benefits long after.

As each drill typically requires six to eight months of planning and preparation, the 2023 APCERT Cyber Drill will soon be underway – the ongoing need for education and skill enhancement reflects the rapid development of the digital world we reside in and the threats we all face.