//Blogs - 26 Oct 2023

30 Years 30 Stories

AUSCERT 30 Years 30 Stories – Heath Marks

Partnering with AUSCERT for 13 years, Heath Marks is the CEO of the Australian Access Federation (AAF), which provides the National Authentication Framework for Australian Higher Education Research. Assisting the Federal Government’s National Research Infrastructure Strategy, Heath leads development in the trust and identity sector. Through a mutual partnership with AUSCERT, Heath shares the benefits of aligning with cooperative communities like ours.

What is your biggest takeaway from AUSCERT’s service?

Working in the trust and identity environment, we are naturally linked to cyber security. Being aligned with AUSCERT’s deliverables and leveraging their services is highly important to us. Additionally, joining the community and further advancing the cyber security industry as a national strategy is considered invaluable to us at AAF.

An initiative that the AAF and AUSCERT have partnered together from the beginning is the establishment of the Australasian Higher Education Cyber Security Service. Together with the entire AHECS group, we collectively advance cyber security initiatives within the sector.

How long have you been an AUSCERT member?

The AAF have been AUSCERT members from the very beginning.  We began with the certificate service and later continued that relationship throughout the years. AUSCERT provide training, support, engagement and a number of useful services that we enjoy engaging with as a team.

What advice would you give to those considering to become an AUSCERT member? Why do you think the AUSCERT membership is valued in organisations?

It’s critical that we’re part of initiatives like AUSCERT A key distinction of AUSCERT is that it’s a service delivered for the sector, by the sector. AUSCERT is a shared, cost-effective service. The membership costs are very low, for the value you receive. There’s a plethora of cyber security services available, the majority of which are expensive and often questionable. Being part of a passionate community, catered to sharing intelligence and knowledge on cyber security is vital and important – it’s the reason why we’re AUSCERT members.

As AUSCERT turns 30, do you want to add anything else?

Congratulations, AUSCERT, for making 30 years! AUSCERT is an integral part of the sector and we appreciate everything you do in supporting us, delivering what we need for our customers, our colleagues, and our daily jobs. Thank you very much.