//Podcast - 15 Jul 2021

Podcast Ep 3: Passion led us here

In this episode, AusCERT features the following guests:

> Jacqui Loustau, AWSN Founder and AusCERT2021 Individual Excellence in Information Security Winner

> Phillip “Pip” Jenkinson, CEO of Baidam Solutions and AusCERT2021 Diversity & Inclusion Champion

> Dr David Stockdale, AusCERT Director

LISTEN HERE: “Share today, save tomorrow” Ep 3: Passion led us here

Jacqui Loustau is the Founder and Executive Manager of AWSN, the Australian Women in Security Network.  AWSN’s mission is to support, inspire, and connect women and female-identifying professionals in the industry and those looking to enter the field with the tools, knowledge, a connected network and platforms they’ll need in order to build their confidence and cultivate their interest. AWSN has been Jacqui’s “passion project” for close to 7 years. Kudos to Jacqui for her tireless work in building the AWSN to where it is today!

At AusCERT, we believe that Diversity & Inclusion champions are leaders who take responsibility for instilling a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. Pip Jenkinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Baidam Solutions is the inaugural winner of this AusCERT award. For those unfamiliar with Pip, his work at Baidam emphasises the importance of partnerships with some of Australia’s largest employers to create job opportunities and funding for cybersecurity certification training. Baidam gives a significant percentage of the company’s profits to providing pathways to employment in the IT sector for Indigenous and First Nations people. Pip’s and Baidam’s journey is an inspiring story and shows a great example of how organisations can combine profit with social good.

David discussed the many on goings at AusCERT since episode 2 of this podcast series. In particular, AusCERT’s Member Security Incident Notifications (MSINs)service, the malspam “inbox-spoofing” incident and also the the recent “PrintNightmare” and Kaseya ransomware and supply chain attacks – with a reminder on how we can all continue to protect and mitigate against such incidents.

This episode was hosted by Anthony Caruana and Laura Jiew.

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