//Podcast - 16 Jun 2021

AusCERT launching a podcast series “Share today, save tomorrow”

Editor’s notes: 

Hi, my name is Laura Jiew and I run the communications portfolio for team AusCERT.

I am super excited to be working on this podcast series with Anthony and Kathryn from Media-Wize.

Share today, save tomorrow” – the AusCERT podcast, has been a project we’ve discussed in the past and has sat brewing for the past year or so, I am so happy to see it brought to life this year with the help of our many AusCERT supporters, in particular, speakers from our AusCERT2021 conference.

So why a podcast, why now?

As a CERT, we recognise that the cyber security landscape is ever-changing, and AusCERT continues to be passionate about engaging our members to empower their people, capabilities, and capacities. We hope you will enjoy our collection of topics and discussion. Let us know what you think!


Episode 1

LISTEN HERE: “Share Today, Save Tomorrow” AusCERT Podcast Announcement

This episode features the following guests, in random order:

  • Dr David Stockdale, AusCERT Director
  • Mike Holm, AusCERT Senior Manager
  • Bek Cheb, AusCERT Business Manager, long-time AusCERT event convenor and producer 
  • Dr Mark Carey-Smith, AusCERT Principal Analyst, long-time AusCERT conference supporter and GRC presenter 
  • Mandy Turner, Manager, Security Operations Centre at UQ 
  • Tim Lane, AHECS Cyber Security Community of Practice (CoP) Chair

Hosted by Anthony Caruana and Laura Jiew

The AusCERT podcast can also be found on SpotifyApple Podcasts and Google Podcasts