//Podcast - 15 Jun 2021

AusCERT “Share today, save tomorrow” Ep 2: Crossing Into The Blue Team In Cyber Security

In this episode, AusCERT features the following guests:

> Lukasz Gogolkiewicz, Head of Corporate Security at SEEK
> Mike Holm, AusCERT Senior Manager
> Dr Mark Carey-Smith, AusCERT Principal Analyst

LISTEN HERE: “Share Today, Save Tomorrow” Crossing Into The Blue Team In Cyber Security

Lukasz currently heads up Corporate Security at SEEK. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring the protection of sensitive information across a multitude of business systems, corporate systems and IT infrastructure. He was also a keynote at AusCERT2020 and spoke on the topic of “Threat driven cyber security, does security compliance work?” On this podcast episode, we sat down with Lukasz to discuss his career journey in cyber security, his transition from a Red Team into a Blue Team and his thoughts on the next generation of professionals in the industry.

Mike and Mark discussed the many on goings at AusCERT since the launch episode. In particular – the AusCERT2021 conference wrap-up, observations from our analyst team on the current threat and cyber security landscape (especially on the topic of ransomware) and all proposed AusCERT membership engagement activities for the rest of 2021.

This episode was hosted by Anthony Caruana and Laura Jiew

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