//Podcast - 27 Apr 2022

Podcast Ep 11: Ethics

LISTEN HERE: AusCERT “Share Today, Save Tomorrow”, Ep 11: Ethics


In this episode, AusCERT features the following guests:

Anthony chats with Shawn and Jeroen, both Chairs of the FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) Ethics SIG, about ethics in incident response and their respective journeys into the cyber security arena.

Also discussed is the need to develop and sustain trust and how a code of ethics can assist teams to positively contribute to and understand the changing world we all work within.

Continuing with the theme of ethics, Mark and Bek revisit some of the key items raised in the previous chat, including not being able to apply a technical solution to ethical situations in addition to the growing focus on people.

They then chat about the upcoming AusCERT2022 cyber security conference with an overview of some of the tutorials being conducted.

This episode was hosted by Anthony Caruana and Bek Cheb.

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