//Podcast - 28 Oct 2022

LISTEN HERE: AusCERT “Share Today, Save Tomorrow”, Episode 16, Understanding and Combatting Cyber Attacks

In this episode, AusCERT features the following guests:

Australia has recently seen several cyber-attacks that impacted millions of Australians with the fallout still expanding and likely to be experienced for some time.

It’s timely that this month’s podcast features a chat with Alex Tilley who shares his experience combatting cyber experience and insights into the evolution of this growing aspect of modern society.

Continuing with the thread of security breaches, Bek chats with Mark about the intangible nature of cyber threats and the need for greater awareness of their relevance and potential impact.

To improve understanding of what can practically be done in this regard, the discussion then focuses on education and learning, including AusCERT’s very own training courses.

This episode was hosted by Anthony Caruana and Bek Cheb.

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