9 Jan 2024

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Membership Services and Benefits


AUSCERT provides members with proactive and reactive advice and solutions to current threats and vulnerabilities. We’ll help you prevent, detect, respond and mitigate cyber-based attacks.

As a not-for-profit security group based at The University of Queensland, AUSCERT provides a range of comprehensive services to strengthen your cyber security strategy.

AUSCERT services are split across three capability pillars: Incident Support, Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence. These services are all included in AUSCERT Membership.

Incident Support

  • Incident Support – Assists your organisation to detect, interpret and respond to attacks from around the world. Includes access to our highly skilled team of analysts and developers who are available through email, Slack or a 24/7 hotline.
  • Phishing Takedown – Designed to help your organisation with targeted phishing, spear phishing and whaling attacks.

Vulnerability Management

  • Security Bulletins – Provides information on threats and vulnerabilities affecting a range of platforms, applications and devices.
  • Member Security Incident Notifications – Customised composite security report containing incident notifications relevant to your organisation’s domains and IP ranges. Proactively informs about security incidents affecting your organisation’s data, systems or networks.
  • Early Warning SMS – Receive SMS notifications for the most critical security threats and vulnerabilities.

Threat Intelligence

  • AusMISP – Our MISP service provides threat indicators acquired from trusted communities and organisations to enhance your cyber security posture.
  • Malicious URL Feed – AUSCERT provides a list of active phishing, malware, malware logging or mule recruitment web sites which can added to your firewall blacklist.
  • Sensitive Information Alert – Alert notification for sensitive material and breached credentials found online by our analyst team which specifically targets your organisation.

Additional Benefits

  • Member benefits for the annual AUSCERT Cyber Security Conference, Australia’s longest running information security conference. The next conference will be held on 21-24 May 2024 at The Star Gold Coast. Further details are available here: https://conference.auscert.org.au/
    • Reduced registration price (available to all members)
    • 50% off one conference registration or 1-day registration (small members)
    • One or more conference registrations (medium members and above).