//Blogs - 26 Sep 2023

30 Years 30 Stories

AusCERT 30 Years 30 Stories – Victor Bradbury

Manager of Information Technology at St. Michael’s College, Victor Bradbury has been attending the AusCERT Conference for seven years. Grateful for the trust and community built at AusCERT, Victor reflects on his conference visits as not only the perfect way for him to safeguard his school, but to constantly stay up to date with cyber security information and to consecutively win the speed Lego building competition.

After your first conference, what motivated you to become a member?

St. Michael’s is a small school so when I attended my first conference, there were all the big boys, the corporates and a lot of the universities. After talking to everyone, I quickly realised what I didn’t know, but everyone looks after you at AusCERT. It’s a strong community that all the people I spoke to at the first conference I speak to now, seven years later. I learned all my security basics from that first conference.

What are some key benefits you’ve experienced as an AusCERT member?

The main benefits would be the certificate service. Additionally, the contacts you make are so important. If I have any issues, I can go straight to them to ask. We thankfully haven’t had to use any of AusCERT serious takedown services yet, and hopefully, we never do, but having AusCERT in our back pocket gives us peace of mind.

Looking ahead, what do you think the future holds for AusCERT, and how do you see the organisation continuing to play a vital role in the cyber security community?

I think AusCERT’s future is bright because it’s not-for-profit. You can trust what everyone’s telling you and what they’re doing. AusCERT has set the industry standard and is highly respected. From corporates and universities down to small businesses like us, this sense of trust is so important. 

How has your membership in AusCERT impacted your organisation’s overall approach to cyber security, and what changes have you implemented as a result of your involvement with the organisation?

When I first came to the conference, I didn’t know what was going on in the cyber security world, and it could have been very intimidating. Each year there seems to be a new threat, which can be hard to keep up. AusCERT is three to six months ahead of what you might see on the media and they keep me ahead of the game. I look at what the corporate organisations are doing and then scale it down to suit us.

Can you speak to that point specifically about cyber security for schools? Do you think your school is ahead of other schools?

I’m unsure if we’re ahead but I take the approach that if I look at what people are doing in the industry and scale it for our use, we can minimise risk. We have security 24/7 for our school. That would be unheard of five years ago.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to say thank you to the team. They are a great bunch of people to work with. As a small fish in this industry, we are treated just as well as the large corporations that partner with AusCERT and I think that’s amazing.