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Member Security Incident Notifications (MSINs) are customised security reports for each member’s organisation, based on your IPs and domains. Tailored MSINs will inform you of vulnerabilities impacting your organisation. 

Critical MSINs can be issued detailing serious vulnerabilities that have been discovered with domains/IPs registered with us that are using the vulnerable product, software, or service. 

What's included

MSINs provide daily notifications about vulnerabilities, incidents, and recommended mitigation strategies. Members only receive an MSIN if there is at least one incident report related to their IPs/domains within the past 24 hours. If no incidents are detected, no MSIN is sent. Members have the option to mute specific reports for a particular IP/domain if they no longer wish to receive notifications about them. 

Critical MSINs will be distributed as they emerge and will be flagged accordingly for urgent attention to mitigate potential high-priority risks. For example, zero-day and other critical vulnerabilities. 

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