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AusCERT specialises in vulnerability research to deliver members a consistently formatted feed of bulletins across major platforms and vendors streamlining security patching.

Security Bulletins include information that quickly summarises the contents and allows readers to determine important information briefly. This allows your organisation to easily determine the severity and prioritise your organisational security patching.

AusCERT utilises the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) which is the published standard for assessing security vulnerabilities.

The bulletin content includes Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) identifiers that relate to the vulnerability for reference, and a suggested resolution to protect against the vulnerability including patch/upgrade and mitigation recommendations.

Security Bulletins are published by AusCERT each business day with content curated and checked to ensure up-to-date information is provided to our members.

What's included

Email Subscriptions
Members can create multiple customised email subscriptions to the Security Bulletins service for specific operating systems and environments that are relevant to your organisation. Bulletins are sent via email immediately as they are published by AusCERT.

Security Bulletins are also available via an RSS Feed which is provided in the same consistent format.

Daily Bulletin Digest
Alternatively, Members can subscribe to receive the Daily Bulletin Digest. This is a single email issued at the end of each business day that summarises all the bulletins published by AusCERT that day, with hyperlinks to view each bulletin.

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