//Blogs - 12 Jul 2019

AusCERT celebrates launch of new website

AusCERT is Australia’s original, and one of the world’s longest-serving, Cyber Emergency Response Teams (CERT). This year marks 26 years since we launched our specialist cyber-security services through The University of Queensland in 1993.

Business Team Leader, Bek Cheb, said “We’ve seen so much change in the cyber-security industry over the past two and a half decades. In particular, the technology and people skills essential to providing high-quality cyber safety, data security and data protection have evolved radically.

To mark our 26-year milestone, AusCERT has launched a new brand image and website to further enhance the service we provide to members. The new site is easier to navigate and provides better access to security information. Members can download PGP/GPG signed versions of Security Bulletins; access information about member meetups hosted by AusCERT; and keep up to date with industry news and the latest in information security issues.

AusCERT is a member-based not-for-profit organisation, so offers one of the best value threat intelligence and incident response services available. We are trusted by 500+ clients, including every university in Australia, a number of government departments and a variety of private companies.

The AusCERT services are numerous but revolve around providing specialist security support to help prevent, detect, respond to and mitigate cyber-based attacks. AusCERT members receive timely threat and vulnerability alerts and access to a range of services including:

Incident Management Service

The Incident Management Service includes coordination and handling, providing assistance and expertise to help detect, interpret and respond to attacks from around the globe. AusCERT acts as a trusted intermediary, coordinating communication about incidents between affected parties.

Phishing Take-Down Service

AusCERT’s Phishing Take-down service works to reduce brand damage by requesting the removal of fraudulent websites. The service puts the safety of your brand at the forefront by detecting and acting immediately if your organisation is affected.

Security Bulletin Service

AusCERT Security Bulletins contain information about threats, vulnerabilities, patches and workarounds of an IT security nature that AusCERT believes would be of interest to our members (and the public). AusCERT provides up-to-date information on a range of software and hardware products, published in a standardised format with a consistent approach to classifications of vulnerabilities, impacts and related operating systems.

Member Security Incident Notifications (MSINs)

AusCERT provides Member Security Incident Notifications (MSINs) to members. These notifications are relevant and customised security reports containing notifications for organisations’ domains and IP ranges. These notifications can include more than one incident, so you remain up-to-date on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

A full list of services can be found here.